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When You Take The Time To Stop You Move Faster

To stop for your feelings To stop for your questions To top for your ideas To stop for Love To stop to learn from your challenges The biggest fear that runs you is that if you stop you’ll lose something. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF LOSING? That everybody else will get ahead of you and you’ll be left behind seen as a failure? That everything you worked hard for will be archived and you’ll be left unnoticed? That you'll lose momentum or your drive or won't be able to get back to the track? It's good if we have the option to stop because if we're stopped by life without knowing how to stop we're f**ked. All our are fears start racing like mad dogs locked in a cage wanting to break free and run wild but don't know how. 7 weeks ago I was stopped by life at the same time that life stopped inside of me. I was blessed that I started to learn how to stop 20 years ago. I visited some dark corners in my inner existence, even wished to stop existing in some way. But there was a bigger presence that took care of me. A presence that didn't fall pray to the fears of loss, that didn't believe the stories of the mind, that didn't get lost in the pit of suffering. In my inner existence there was a corner were 'I' was safe and clear. I couldn't call it 'light' at that moment but I knew it by its divine name - AWARENESS. THE GIFT OF STOPPING IS HOW WE DRINK FROM THE RADIANCE OF LIFE IN ALL TIMES. "When hurt, it’s important to scream. Just don’t pray to the scream. When sad, it’s important to grieve. Just don’t build a kingdom of your loss. When falling through whatever you thought would last, admit, “I’m lost and confused.” Just don’t map the world as lost and confused. And when riding the wave, however it appears, feel the strength in you released. Just don’t believe the strength comes from you alone."


I’m reopening enrolment for my one-to-one Life Alignment. If you’ve been reading my words you know I love to stop on everything that seems to be an obstacle, a challenge, a block, unwrap it to discover the wisdom and love that lives there. You know I’m not the usual cup of coach, guru or preacher. All my clients are super interesting people. Like you, they’ve done quite a lot of growing themselves, perhaps participated in retreats and workshops, gone through coaching and read the books, and at a point where they want to go deeper, reignite the light that has been dimmed or find a new depths of understanding and inner freedom or become more creative or find the courageous to stop but not put their life on hold anymore. You know that no matter how many times you've stopped to look into the depth of your being, the relationship with yourself is a life-long unfolding that needs to be tended. Life Alignment is a practical spiritual process for nourishing the independent powerful human that you are or want to be. I’ve developed some pretty cool insights and mindfulness tools over the last 20 years, that are more than recycling a spiritual jargon. To be able to lead you this way I had to live this way! I know, there’s a hiccup when we consider investing time, money or even just the exposure of our life’s issues in a private coaching/mentoring. Instead of teaching us to invest in inner growth we were taught that security comes from investing in external badges, diplomas, money and all kinds of outfits. I was there too. A master degree with distinguish, a closet full of designer’s cloth, the right (now ex) husband, racing towards a fancy academic career and I wasn’t happy. I still love designer’s cloth but damned I am if I believe any of that brings happiness to anyone. I’ve learnt that what brings happiness is taking the time and courage to stop and pay attention to what begs for attention in the inner world. HOW DO YOU STOP TO HOLD YOUR SMALLER SELF IN TIMES OF PAIN AND NEED ?

To find the flow - you have to stop and listen. To find the strength - you need to loosen and let go. To find love you need to love. Yourself included.

May we have the wisdom and heart to stop for ourselves as we would for a crying child or a fragrant flower

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