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To Care For Yourself

To care for yourself

Is to see yourself from within

You may take a bath with milk water

And rose petal and music floating in the air

But if you don’t see yourself

The bath will not take care of you

You may buy the new dress you saw

Passing buy the shop for days

You’ll get a matching high heels shoes

You’ll adorn your beautiful neck with a neckless

But if your heart is not adorned with sweet words you whisper day and night to yourself

The dress will not take care of you

You can take care of your friends and friendships

Spend time with those you care and those no one else care for but you

But if you don't create an uncompromising friendship with all the things you don't like about yourself friendship will not take care of you

You may go to spiritual retreats and workshops

You’ll start saying all the right words to everyone around

You’ll read the right books

You’ll sit for a meditation everyday

But if you use all that to avoid the pain you feel inside yourself

Spirituality will not take care of you

Because care is the stars shining every night, not giving a damn if you’ll stop to lift your head to look at them

Because care is grass growing stubbornly in every empty patch As they know their nature is to simply grow

Because care is to pay attention To that which wants to live To that which wants to die a thousand times To that which can be seen by those who dare to look

Now tell me, What do you really need To take care of YOU

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