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How To BE Happy

Happiness is not the opposite of sadness

It is not an end result of achieving anything

not spiritual or material achievement.

Forget about enlightenment

or attaining wisdom,

getting the messages the universe is sending you.

There is nothing to figure out.

It is simply Being. Happy.

You cannot DO happiness,

even if you chant happy mantras all day

and say gratitude morning noon and evening.

Happiness is simple BEING.

Drop all the little ideas you picked up during the day

that instruct you to be like her, or him or somehow better.

And you’ll be happy.

Love the things you love. Just love them.

Love them hard, impatiently

with no remorse or sadness.

And you’ll be happiness.

Make space for yourself.

Create a space free from plans and productivity.

FEEL your own rhythm.

FEEL your heart beating

FEEL the earth calling your name

the sky looking at you with joy

the breath taking you in

just as you are.

Happiness is easy.

Because you already are.

Photo by Brandon Wong on Unsplash

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