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Embracing Loneliness

It’s normal to feel lonely.

At times for a minute , at times for days

But if you don’t make it your enemy

You’ll discover a new strength

You didn’t know you have.

You’ll discover it’s not so easy

To split into small pieces and never heal back.

You’ll realise that inside your own loneliness there’s a core of uncompromising self-love.

Don’t abandon yourself

When you most need yourself

Sometimes you loos meaning in everything.

What made sense and gave structure or hope for your dreams dissolved into the abyss of formlessness and emptiness.

In the darkest hour the stars will always shine.

When you embrace your loneliness a new meaning to life hatches through the thick shell,

Lightens your whole inner space

Like a tip of a candle that filled a room with hope and warmth

When you crave for meaning, when you ask for truth, when you want real connection you will start asking some deep questions. This is the path of Love. Love asks all the questions that make you bigger

Loneliness is the only distance between what you feel and what you don’t want to feel. Sometimes you have to loos all meaning in order to find new meaning. Breath never steps into a completely empty space. You’re never utterly alone when you find your way to yourself.

Don’t make loneliness your enemy.

Instead, embrace it

And witness how all resistances

Immediately dissolve.

Now, you can breath. You just allowed some light in.

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