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Eaten by Self-Doubt

You’re walking in a smoke screen, hearing voices telling you “go right” “no, turn left” “stop, don’t do anything, it’s not the right way”. Living a meaningful life means living with questions. It can become daunting when these questions are over shadowed by doubt.

Making the unknown known is a creative process, a conversation between life and the deciphering of intimations and inner voices only you can sense.

Doubt is not an independent entity that one bright day settles in the middle of your living room, filling it with vague, fallacious smoke. It is a state of mind born out of misinterpreting or even ignoring a creative process of bringing new life.

One insight that can cut through doubt that like a sword is: Drop any preconceptions of how things should be, how they should become, and take a risk to make a mistake.

Do you feel free to make a mistake?

I’m familiar with the common new age saying “ there are no mistakes only learning curves”, and if you follow my words here or else where you know I don’t subscribe to that. By taking ownership over unwise or unfruitful decisions we only give ourselves a firmer ground to move on more confidently. I have met very few people who are not afraid to some extent to make a mistake.

Over coming doubt, or dissolving doubt, starts with giving yourself enough room to take a wrong turn. As long as you just make some kind of turn that is faithful to your own truth. There is always one voice stronger than the other - go with it.

Do you speak to yourself unkindly, delegitimising your own truth? Do you rule out new possibilities just because you don’t know how to figure out all the future steps they entail? Do you consider other’s voices always to be wiser, truer? Do you push yourself to make decisions just to perform or fit in or to satisfy someone else?

Fragments of yourself are coming back to wholeness when you when you don't attempt to move according to anyone’s rhythm but your own.

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