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Do You Feel You Belong?

If there is no such thing as a mistake how come we fear so much making one?!

The repeated mantra that there are no mistakes only learning curves takes away something extremely magical from your process of growth and unfolding, as James Joyce said “mistakes are the gateway for discovery”.

To feel belong we must break all the stories we have about how misplaced our feelings are.

We’re afraid the most to make mistakes when our feelings are involved, especially when feeling love. The ego, the keeper of ‘I’, the guardian of your appearance and facade, fears a mistake will expose who you truly are. But knowing who you truly are, especially in love, cannot be discover by hiding out from life and movement.

Trying to figure out things is not the way to BEING with things. It’s not through analysing and following steps and formulas that we find peace of mind and calmness of heart. It is through stepping into, showing up and mainly experiencing the dynamic nature of your being that you begin to see beauty in every drop of feeling, in each wave of your day.

So making mistakes is inevitable. Making a wrong call, not knowing what’s the most wise choice, embracing yourself with your vulnerability, exposing your feelings and not receiving the desired response. Fear has a way of inflating imaginary losses and undesired outcomes.

When you withhold yourself from going after the life that you want, going after the creation you aspire, it is the biggest mistake I can think of.

Mistakes are mostly found in the absence of needed actions rather than the actions we take.

Not telling your loved ones you love them because they might not say it back.

Not spending time with your parents before they move on because you can’t find a way to show you’ve actually forgave and can't let go of the past.

Not going after a dream you harboured for years because you were afraid of loosing money.

Not getting the support you want and need because you feel uncomfortable with investing money, well, in yourself and think you can do everything by yourself.

Not leaving the office in time to see how beautiful life is because they’re so much to do.

When it comes to the heart there is no right and wrong, only alignment. It can be terrifying. This is the way to total freedom.

To feel belong to this world, to feel belong to this life, is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences you can have in this life. And you get that but stepping fully in. Are you in?

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