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Different Kinds of Freedom OR What it Really Means to be Human

How free do you think you are ?

If you think about how free you are to go on the vacation you’ve been dreaming of, or the freedom to buy yourself a nice necklace (or whatever it is that you fancy) without thinking twice if you can really afford it - this is not freedom!

What I am talking about is the freedom as a state of being! Having the financial means to buy what you what (and need) is only a condition.It’s like the conditions are the walls of your house, but what you do inside these walls is totally up to you.

Don’t get jumpy. I know that when you have financial constraints it feels like you don’t have freedom. Stay with me and I’ll give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Do you have the freedom to say ‘I love you’ to the person you love?

Do you have the freedom to express any feeling you feel without worrying constantly about being politically correct?

Do you have the freedom to fall apart?

Do you have the freedom to walk away from abusive or belittling situations?

Do you have the freedom to follow your heart’s guidance?

Do you have the freedom to think you are enough?

Do you have the freedom to ask for help?

Do you have the freedom to believe what you deeply believe in?

Do you have the freedom from ‘what other people say/think’?


Being totally free goes beyond this list. We have enough conceptual talk about total freedom, and I’m not interested in mind-masturbation. I’m deeply keen on real conversations where freedom meets the small daily decisions, feelings and behaviours.

I’m interested in the freedom to BE a human-being.

As a human being you have feelings and if you’re afraid to feel them you are not free. As a human being you have your deep beliefs and if you can’t let them be you are not free. As a human being you have an amazing tool that has an amazing knowledge - that is the heart - and if you can’t listen to what it says you are not free.

Your feelings are a source of immense power.

We were taught that we don’t have power. Or that power is dangerous and destructive (ample examples around). So we resort to inner manipulations to hide, alter, walk away from, explain away what we feel. Because no matter what you were told, your consciousness knows where your power lies.

Doing the best that you can doesn’t mean driving yourself to exhaustion or a break-down. This is how we learn about the freedom to let-go.

Letting-go is not something you can pursue or even a state you can attain. Letting- go is like melting into a greater context knowing that you’ll probably never know the fulness of the depth of your actions yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Letting-go teaches you how you can be free to be human

What are you willing to let-go of ?

I wish you to be a happy human BEING

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