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Power. Love. Connection

Surrender can only be to Love.

Your guru is merely a reflection

of that Love.

If you choose to surrender to the person

well, that’s your choice.

Sharing your opinion is not making connection.

Neither expressing your view or your knowledge.

And saying “Let’s be honest..,” is just a preface

to your own manifesto.

We all want to have at least someone

who will listen to every letter.

Drop. Drop. Drop.

We still need to learn how to BE. We haven’t finished the job.

We still need to find our sand pit

where we can play with life, make life, listen to life

and create shapes and wise choices.

Love is the most powerful thing

you will learn in this life.

I’m still looking for my poem today.

There’s a poem in everything, she said.

If we can’t talk about pain

we can’t talk about what matters,

the questions in your belly matter.

The everyday chores of sweeping the floor and cooking the meals

matter to the monk and nun.

How are we so different?!

Your roots grow big in the mud.

It’s not pretty but it’s not empty.

Life is messy and so are we.

Awareness makes it all


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