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There's no better falling apart

Opposition can tell us a lot about where we are with our own clarity. Whether it’s someone’s opposite opinion to ours, a behaviour opposite to what we’ve expect or an opposition between the doors that have been closed in our lives to those that are opening up.

Sometimes the opened doors are not physically present yet. Sometimes there’s no John to Replace Andi. Sometimes the open door is so wide and vast that we can call it - reality.

But what is reality? Is there such a thing as reality? How can we discern what is real and what is not?!

I prefer to simply call ‘reality’ - life.

Your own life is the flow which, I can be with you here forever if I were to describe all the ways in which we oppose it’s natural. I’ve been there myself very deeply in the past few months.

As much as we’d love to live out our full potential 24/7 we must understand that our potential is equally reflected through our position, view, vision as much as through our limitations and oppositions.

Stop standing against the doors of your life. Listen to this:

There’s no better expression then what you’ve just expressed right now. In a conversation, writing, painting, dancing, whatever it is - it is alive.

There’s no better falling apart than the falling apart you’re experiencing now. It’s not a fancy promise to be invited to a fancy party. It is the breaking-open of your own light.

There’s no better dream than the dream you have now. Even if it’s vague, even when you’re lost and you grip for some air in a bleak misty forest, even when it seems like nobody understands you, believe you, even even when the sun doesn’t shine for you in the morning anymore. No one has the power to compose a dream just like yours.

That is what I call life alignment. And while we plan our lives to be an organised experience, focused, yeah even enlightened, life has a light of it’s own - will you follow that light?!

So I’ve stopped counting words. Whether I’m going to be read 10% or 99%. I got lost in what seemed to be greatness in others, in what seemed to be more polished and refined. Trying to tame my own natural expression I’ve only learnt to refine my own falling apart.

To express is to live. To express is to be vivid, strong and distinct.

From the friction between you and your opposition the fire of light rises up. This is how we create life.

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