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Position yourself to be free

In the middle of nowhere, or at the centre of it all

position yourself to be free.

Have a conversation with your past

take your fears to a coffee

but don’t give them tickets to any movies anymore.

Go for a ride with your ideas

fall from the wings of your hope

smell the fragrance of your own laughter.

This, all of this, is not by chance. It’s not a divine plan

because no one in the etheric sphere sits down

to write a business plan for your life.

This, all of this, is how you position yourself

step by step, moment by moment, event by event

to be free.

If you want to be warm turn your face towards the sun.

If you need to move beyond your blocks reach out to those who can help you.

If you want to be free you also need to position yourself.

Play with your mistakes,

clean your house from all the inheritances

your mother, your race, your country, your so-called enemies

left you. Make it your home.

Set your voice free, forget about what you think you should be.

Forget about what you think you should be.

Take a walk to the fences of your limits,

travel to the edge of consciousness

to be in awe, in wonder, and marvel

at the magic of your life.


but don’t forget to rise,

even if it’s only lifting your eyes

towards your values and aspirations.

Position yourself to be free

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