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Anger’s voices of deep listening and healing

Anger is a call to action, a creative surge under the need to control a complex situation.

Are you called to forgive?

Are you called to heal?

Are you called to assist?

Are you called to make things right?

Called to care, to let go, to stop the child from running wild to the road,

to protect, to stand up for your own,

to create balance, to be more now, more now.

More NOW.

Anger is a disguise. A flame that lights up your need to take an action.

A repressed action turns into anger.

Anger transforms the untaken action into an energy that fuels you

with an illusion of power so you can stay awake and alive to

your ability to deeply care.

Before you rush to resolve your anger by hiding it,

controlling it, by mellowing it down to be more socially acceptable,

stop and breathe right into your anger.

Make it vibrant like a shiny flame of the night blasting the dark forest

with your mighty presence of readiness to step up for

what you care about.

What is your deep anger about?

I’ve learned that each of us has a deep anger. A deep anger carried around for years, sometimes a whole lifetime. We carry it from way back. Maybe from a past life. It doesn’t allow you to stay indifferent and calls your attention - so please, please don’t turn your back.

A deep anger can remain dormant or extremely subdued for a long time. And I know, you’re afraid to let it loose because it might consume you and those around you. But it’s the other way, you see. You host it for too long and it’s fermenting power will churn the juice of your life and friendships.

I wish I could tell you “one day it will just go away” or “meditate and learn to calm your mind”. But deep anger is a healer, a faithful guide. It’s not going to be enchanted by the cheap stunts of a technical mind.

Deep anger is a messenger of deep oceans that are not afraid to wash safe shores with their forlorn sunken ships of memory.

Deep anger is a messenger of the skies that will not hesitate to send its eagles to snatch away that dear pearl necklace adorning a body that wants only to be loved.

Deep anger is a hiss you hear coming from under the mask of fierce murky waters and skies asking you to heal that sore heart.

Take it. Take it now.

Rise like the Phoenix

To an ignited free life.

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