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Your Spiritual Duty is to Be Home

To be able to answer the calling when you hear it bare your name

to enjoy the gifts and treasures your life offers you

to experience the illuminating clarity of vision

you must be home.

Your only spiritual duty is to be home.

You must sit at the centre of

the room.

In a cosy armchair,

and feel comfortable to be at the centre of things.

You are, after all, the centre of things.

The centre of your life,

the centre of your calling

the centre of your secrets and keys to your yearnings.

Don’t be silly, it’s not an ignorant kind of centre,

a hungry beast that thinks only about the ‘self’ in ‘him’.

It’s a gravitational centre,

where your life is being pulled towards you.

So when you leave home--

to search for more glamours images to wear

under the neon lights of merciless comparisons,

looking for passing love to quench your thirst

for pure understanding--

who’s going to answer the knock on the door?!

I know, there’s a battle at home,

it is the most important battle of your life.

In every room there could be a demon

disguised in convincing details of tempting stories

holding at heart the truth of your own wisdom.

But if your only spiritual duty IS to be home?

Break the walls of the concepts

that shelter you from winds of love,

loosen your body to follow the breath of the heart

come down from the ladder of superiority

so you can kneel down to

touch the sweet smell of your inner earth

of your own home.

You have an important duty

to be in your own home.

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