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From Economy of Not-Enough Back to Vision

I remember a few years ago noticing how much my mind was drowned, manipulated and governed by the economy of not-enoughness.

When I went to sleep I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough sleep (mind you, I always make sure I have 8 hours a night since that’s what my body needs).

When I ate, especially when I was hungry, I was afraid the food wouldn't be enough.

When I sat down to work on my creative ideas, even if I cleared out the day, I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough time to accomplish something significant.

It was only when I started seriously working on my creative ideas as a SoulPreneur that I realised I need to do something about the demons that kept on telling me how my ideas are not enough (creative/unique/interesting/….. {fill-in the blanks})

Here’s what I’ve learnt from not participating in the inner and outer economy of not-enoughness:

You haven’t yet experienced your fullness to say to yourself how and why you’re not enough!

Because when you do, when you will, you will not buy into this economy any more.

Why economy? because is robs you of your good in order to sell you something else!

The economy of not-enough is a killer of vision. It is divorced from the imagination.

Imagine what it would do to advertising companies if only 10% of the planet thought they didn’t need more shirts/cars/houses/expensive vacations in the Bermuda Islands - if you remembered that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

If you are to reap the rewards of any transformative experience

you should equip yourself with dedication and focus on what interests you,

what fascinates you, what you want to experience and accomplish.

I want you to imagine how your day would look like if you cut a single not-enoughness from your menu.

I want you to imagine how happy and free and prolific you will be.

I want you to bring back the horizon of your imagination that lies right behind the wall of not-enoughness.

I want you to imagine the amount of love

that will flow in our world

when we are free from the economy of not-enough.

Photography Signe Vilstrup

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