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They say money is energy

It takes courage to go your own way.


Actually it's a good question!.

Simply ‘because it’s not where everybody else is going’ seems like not a good enough answer anymore. Or at least not the full answer.

How will you answer the questions of ‘Why?’ and ‘How? and 'what’s the point?’ ?

Do all waves of the sea splash identically on the shores of life?!

All waves come from the depth. It gives us a glimpse into each other's fears. It gives us a hint of what really matters in life.

It takes courage to go your own way because these fears, these fears we all share - to be forgotten, to be mistaken, to be misjudged, misunderstood - we share as a life-saving belt.

This life-saving belt reminds us that we are interlinked not by numbers of likes (on FB) or dollars (stashed) but by human necessities to be loved and seen and heard.

It takes courage to go your own way because it takes courage to be as the force of nature.

Driven by necessity,

not by motivation,

drawn to the fire of intuition

attracted by the depth.


I got back last Sunday from the first two weeks of teaching in Germany (out of 4 in total) on the Agents of Change course. 56 people took a beautiful commitment to delve into the mysteries of life and their own lives, to pave their own magical way.

Out of all the experiences I can share (and will probably share in the next weeks) I want to tell you about this:

The teachings of the course (we were 4 teachers) were rewarded by Dana - it’s the Pali word that stands for a gift, a heart-led support for the teachings through a donation.

The Dana was very generous and heart-warming. It was given without any indication of a ‘suggested price’. It was left to the participants to fully engage in this act of giving and receiving.

It shone a light on a statement we hear often these days: ‘money is energy’. Have you really experienced that in your life? How often? What led to it?

Now to make sure, I’m not talking here about ‘the law of attraction’ or “all you need is trust in life”, or any other trendy mantra.

I’m talking about the actual experience that money is energy. It is!


When we’re so keen to control how things evolve, how they will happen, how we’re going to get things done…. money will not be experienced as energy. It will simply be a matter as any other matter. Control stops any free and intuitive movement.

When we’re so busy measuring and quantifying everything - minutes, clients, deals, vacations, experiences, certificates…. energy has no chance to be fully felt, as it is not quantifiable and not subdued to measurements of arbitrary pre-defined units.

What are the patterns, the mind-states, the dealings in your life that stops you from feeling the experience that money IS energy?

Going your own way is a creative path that calls for full engagement on all plains of life. Don’t expect it to be expected or clear from the word GO. But you can expect it to be rewarding and enlightening.

All Love.

Painting : Costa Dvorezky

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