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They say money is energy

It takes courage to go your own way.


Actually it's a good question!.

Simply ‘because it’s not where everybody else is going’ seems like not a good enough answer anymore. Or at least not the full answer.

How will you answer the questions of ‘Why?’ and ‘How? and 'what’s the point?’ ?

Do all waves of the sea splash identically on the shores of life?!

All waves come from the depth. It gives us a glimpse into each other's fears. It gives us a hint of what really matters in life.

It takes courage to go your own way because these fears, these fears we all share - to be forgotten, to be mistaken, to be misjudged, misunderstood - we share as a life-saving belt.

This life-saving belt reminds us that we are interlinked not by numbers of likes (on FB) or dollars (stashed) but by human necessities to be loved and seen and heard.

It takes courage to go your own way because it takes courage to be as the force of nature.

Driven by necessity,

not by motivation,

drawn to the fire of intuition

attracted by the depth.


I got back last Sunday from the first two weeks of teaching in Germany (out of 4 in total) on the Agents of Change course. 56 people took a beautiful commitment to delve into the mysteries of life and their own lives, to pave their own magical way.