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A world within a world. Conversation between you and the universal

Sometimes I feel it's nice to let our thoughts be a bit lighter, like the leaves of the tree rustling lightly in the whispering wind. How they keep their dignity, integrity and form but at the same time surrender to something maybe more important, to something that has its own intention and of capacity the lift the heaviness of a fixation.

The world within a world.

In my one-to-one practice I asked one of my guidees “do you know why we are afraid to Be, why we can't be at the present moment?”.

It is painful to be still and surrender to the whispers of the world. It is vulnerable to be present to the echoes of pain floating in the universe. And when we're at total presence, we hear it, we feel it, we cannot ignore it. “But then” I added “well, it also subsides,the pain fades out…. in time”.

It's true, but I didn't add that because it's true. I wanted to console her, I wanted to give a positive vision. And I was wrong in doing so!. It does subside but not as a consolation, not as a prize. At first, in silence, we feel inadequate…. we feel we don’t belong…. We’re afraid we might not find the resolution and the love we are looking for in that big void…..

….and then we find that we fit, that we have a place in that world within the world.

The world of the birds tweeting like they were in the jungle within the world of noises of cars, airplanes, and shouting people.

The world of the baby within the world of the womb.

The world of feminine wisdom in a world of scientific facts and statistics.

The world of virtual friends in the world of everyday conversations, neighbours and uninteresting things.

The world of ideas and views in the world of how things are.

The world of happiness within the world of suffering, endless poverty and lies.

All the worlds that are familiar to me and used to be worlds I wanted to know deeply. Worlds I wanted to employee and be. Like literature, poetry and writing, colours and fabrics, gardening and plants-conversations, Philosophy and contemplation. I know now these world were innocently abandoned because I didn’t realise their context. I didn’t realise the world within they lived.

What is the world within your world that aspires to have a life of its own?

Can you play a game of roles, pretending to be that world, pretending to be that person in that world? Discovering that all this pretence is simply letting out ‘your world within a world’ that knows itself without you interrupting, with all the nourishment and madness, discovering how you fit in this world.

The world of a soul within the world of the human.

It is common to think of the life of a human as smaller, contained in the life of the infinite soul. I have learnt it is rather that the soul, through our constant assembly of essence is made by our earthly living. The world within any world are inseparable - we need only to find the merging bring that make sense to our individual lives.

Photography: Sayaka Maruyama

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