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Stop Leaking Your Power Away

Elections didn't turn out as you wanted... You're boss spoke dirty at you... Your kids acting like they don't appreciate what you do for them... Better yet they come with more demands and sour faces... Your website doesn't create the traffic you've dreamt of... You just lost 20,000 euro for unpaid work... Your colleague blamed you (unjustly) for being insensitive... The bank doesn't give a fuck about your situation... And you? You feel powerless? Let's take a ride on the wings of perspective. POWER DOESN'T LIVE OUTSIDE OF YOU! You are the source of power. And it's leaking away each time you BELIEVE the stories above as a proof of how powerless you are. The moment you lock yourself in between walls of protection, of disconnection, making a cosy room for yourself where you can spend time with your own worries and troubles - is the moment you're leaking your power away. The emotional toll for keeping these walls up is huge. We don't only live in times of heightened consciousness - we also live in times that demand we start using our own powers. And everything that is happening - and it's happening not caring whether you believe or not that it is happening - is not a proof that things swirl down in the world and all positive prophesies are fake. No! It is happening because it's a cosmic trick to wake up to your own powers. Interconnectedness is the only place where we can find power. The socket to feel interconnected lies in what's really important to you, what you value, what you're sensitive about, what causes turn you on, what you really care about. A question I've been working on with people lately asked - what is really important? What is really important - that doesn't stem from a story, from a view, from an idea?! And when you reply you pay attention to how the source of the answer relies on YOU! Not waiting for anyone to lead you, to fix your problems or the problems of the world, to behave and respond the way you expect them to. The places we feel the least powerful are the place we are prone to manipulate others to gain power or susceptible to other's manipulations. If we feel vulnerable in asking for help it'll be the place where receiving help or offering help would be flamboyant point for power games. If we feel vulnerable in feeling worthy. If we vulnerable in sharing our creation. If we feel vulnerable in speaking up our true voice..... Reflect on your life to witness how these are the places where power games thrive in your life. The source of power doesn't lie in someone's ability to rais your salary or sack you, it doesn't lie in someone's ability to tell you how unique or un-original you are, it doesn't even lie in any of the institutions you think that run your life. The source of power resides in you. You are important. You are significant. You matter. So take the moments that you need to feel whatever feelings arise around something/someone allegedly took your power. And then get up. Show up for what you really care about. What is really important? Focus is power. Focus on what's really important.



Painting by: Claudia Piscitelli

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