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"Happiness is only real when shared"

Into the Wild was a book (and a movie) that touched many people. The life story that Christopher McCandless left behind broke many people's hearts. That young boy who could stand no more the falsity of society, the lies and imbalance that was constantly reinforced by our families, the broken connections, the absence of pure and natural love.

My Soul-Question for you this time is:

What do you bring to the connections you have in life?

The Libra new moon is initiating us to find new balance through connections, justice and love. "Happiness is only real when shared" was the most powerful saying I took from Christopher McCandless. It touched me deeply as it reflected how much WE NEED each other.

We need each other so we can echo how much the universe cares, how much we care. We need each other to reflect beauty, to share the insights and wisdom that grow within us due to our unique life story.

When you are happy I am happy.

When you are healed I am healed.

When you are harmony I am harmony.

You are the reason I am here.

I am the reason you are here.

And what we make of this time together is really up to us. Together.

The scale symbol of Libra reflects this bond that we all share. We may ignore it, be indifferent to it, but the bond will remain.

Take a moment to study and explore the similarities you share with the people you don't like, with the people that make you angry or frustrate you. Take a moment to explore the similarities between you and the people you are jealous of, you are scared of, you are disappointed by.

Take a moment to realise that you have more in common than you might think. Because this new moon is going to highlight the imbalances where they live. New moon in libra, the sign of harmony, beauty, and higher values, is launching us to our highest values, to our highest spiritual quests and questions in life, to our most desired dreams of harmony we want to experience in this life time.

Peace, harmony, equilibrium, are not achieved by drowning in our story. They are achieved by learning the two sides of the scale, by opening the heart to the story of the other, by inclusion.

Inclusion is a major key for finding the love, the beauty, the harmony and the peace we all look for in our private and also our collective lives. Inclusion is not easy. All the buts and the ifs rise up and we get lost in the details, loosing the bigger picture.

Harmony is big. Grandiose.

Love is big. Grandiose.

Beauty is big. Grandiose.

Harmony is up to each and one of us to create. And there will be situations where we will have to know whether to say 'yes' or 'no' to. And we will have to know what is the right timing to say 'yes' and what is the right timing to say 'no'. Because harmony is something for us to create.

So how do we know the right answer and the right timing?

We turn to our spiritual practice. We rely on our healing journey and insights. We turn to all that we have reviewed and learned about ourselves in the past month so we can rejoice in the power of inclusion. And we use out stories as a source of experience and wisdom rather then justifications and excuses.

We all must find ourselves in the grandiosity of life in order to bring about the great expansion and abundance that we can bring about with the energies of this new moon. This is where we take responsibility for that which we withheld from the other, for the love we have prevented from ourselves and the other, for the equanimity we inhibited simply because we didn't acknowledge the sorrow, the impatience and all the pain we didn't want to see.

We all much find ourselves in the grandiosity of life in order to bring about the great generosity and love we can bring about with the energies of this new moon in Libra.

Don't stay on the boat and dream about your wishes. Go out to the big sea and develop harmony from inside by mastering the waves of nature.

Happy new moon.

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