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The Inner Landscape and Some Forgiveness: Energy Flow Forecast for Virgo New Moon

Ease up on the hard work. You may look at yourself and think - nothing has changed. I am just deluding myself.

Stop it. Call a stop. Take a break. Find a lake, a breeze, a nice ice cream and dream about the life you love.

It is not just the start of a new moon cycle in Virgo that brings all the scrutinising, perfectionism, analysing and so on to work your mind to chaos, it is also, also, an eclipse season.

Yes, things get a bit like scramble eggs inside and you are suddenly unfamiliar with the inner landscape you are so used to and maybe have enjoyed up until now.

The soul-question posed for us for this cycle is - can you forgive yourself?!

Forgiveness is not relative. You don't need to find a story about how you've hurt yourself or someone else in order to start the wheel of forgiveness turning. Forgiveness is absolute. This is why it pertains to the domain of the heart.

The heart-space is not just something all personal and gooey. The heart is very sharp and gives you a very honest and direct understanding of EVERYTHING. Utilising the heart's capacity for forgiveness is to acknowledge your basic character as a human being which is - vulnerability.

So can you forgive yourself?

For being human.

For being ever so exposed to the shifts and turns of the universe.

In times of eclipse some aspects of our personality remain hidden. They are taken down to the underworld and reveal to us other, maybe more latent, layers of our inner landscape.

Forgiveness doesn't bring the message that you are wrong, or damaged, or failed. Forgiveness means that paying attention to the details of your heart is leading you to a creative and powerful core.

Use the energies of this new-moon cycle to realise your completeness. As Virgo is the symbol of purity, the woman who needs no man to sustain herself, she brings that message of absoluteness. Of the heart's competence. Of forgiveness.

As Virgo represents the divine feminine energy and the moon the intuition, which is also the sacred feminine gift to us, they are both directing us to soften while they are hidden by other stars. Our seed of sacred feminine energy is hidden through the eclipse so you may feel that something very dear to you is all of a sudden lost.

When you loose things, when you loose people, when things are not going the way you've planned, when the career or work-life direction you've invested so much in doesn't give you the joy you've wished for, when your partner, your teacher, your children have disappointed you.... When things go off plan, you might find that kindness and forgiveness are what's left to lift you up and move you forward. With no reason. Just because you are complete.

Freeing your heart from overworking the details of your life you are granted a beautiful inner landscape. That is exactly what you can expect for the next couple of weeks.

But for the time being it may feel hectic, chaotic, unreliable, crazy, bewildering, sweeping.. Something like that.

Place your feet on the earth, as Virgo is a healer and very connected to the earth. Bring forgiveness, play and dance forgiveness. When the time comes for the lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 16th your place in the cosmic flow may be much brighter and shinier.

Happy new moon


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