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Commitment, A Sister to Generosity: Energy Flow Forecast for Leo New Moon

Wear your favourite dress, put a wreath on your head. Go out to the street proud of your passions and genius. Stride in the street with big steps. Listen to the music that you love and dance.

Celebrate life. Celebrate your life. Celebrate the life that you have.

The new moon in Leo marks a threshold. It is a threshold that invites us BIG TIME to commit to ourselves. Some may say "there is too much talk of self love".

I say - when you drink form the potions of your heart you are infused with creative powers that no stick of shame and guilt can overcome. Anymore!

Being proud of our own genius, our uniqueness, our originality without comparison to celebrities of any kind (not even those new age spiritual gurus) can conjure up the old paradigm baggage of "you should be ashamed of yourself for..."

The sparks of our genius are shadowed through our vulnerability. Leo is vulnerable exactly in that spot - will THEY love me?!

But the mature Leo, the ripe women and men, walk in the fields of life celebrating their uniqueness for their own sake. They have learned to embrace their vulnerability and for that, when they open their mouth, or hold their pen, their brush, put on their dancing clothes - then the whole universe joins in.

The people we love, the people we follow, the people we look up to are those we appreciate for their courage to show up on the stage of life and get rewarded for being themselves.

The people we admire throughout our lives are those who put aside these shaming barbs and went out to the streets proud of their creative powers.

And so can you. With this new energy that marches in joyful brilliant leaps you can hop on the train of shine & love, self-love, the love of Mother Earth and turn a point in your life.

It is a threshold of committing to oneself.

How do you commit to yourself?

That is the soul question that is presented for us with Leo new moon.

What aspects of your life are you willing to commit to? Not the external aspects and interactions - but your self-aspects.

What horizons are you willing to commit to now?

What are you willing to proudly roar for?

Leo's energy is one of courage, brilliance, shininess, pride, fun, joy, celebration, boldness, grandioseness. And you are gifted with all these treasures to boost your commitment to yourself.

If commitment shrinks you even a little then you haven't learned yet that commitment is sister to generosity.

The more you know how to commit to yourself the more expanded and generous your being becomes. It is becoming the royalty of your own kingdom in life.

Commitment beings to mind all the things you MUST do but don't want to. Let me tell you a secret. This is not commitment to yourself. It is enslaving to an IDEA of what you should be/do...

Let all your ideas and images burn as the universe is roaring out your name.

For some of you insights closing a 30-year cycle may surface. Showing you perhaps how once you had the desire and devotion but you didn't have the maturity, the ripeness you have now to complete the sacred triangle space in your life.

As saturn moves towards direct movement in Sagittarius you feel the focus to commit to yourself is tightening, even pressuring you - depending on how you are now with yourself. This leaves an imprint for the next 30 years of how you are willing to be that wild woman, that wild man, roaming through life with great joy and celebration.

We are asked to bring fierce and poignant love to our creative sparks.

As Mars moves direct back to Sagittarius it makes the things you need and want to commit to even more pronounced. Will you know how to read the signs?!

We are asked to bring passionate and sensual love to our originality.

Happy new moon.

Happy birthday to all lions and Lionesses around the world.


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