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Transform Old Failures to your Sorcerer's Apprentice - New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn aspires to achieve long-term goals, practical and pragmatic. S/he is serious. Not afraid of looking at old failures and saying - OK, and what can I do now?!...

The energy of this month asks you to give a direction to your vision - for yourself and for your community.

The energy of Capricorn gives us honesty and integrity. With Mercury retrograde it asks us to search for:

The lost words

Th forgotten inner wisdom

The neglected personal assets

The soul-question I have raised for this cycle is:

What are my personal assets?

What do you know about your personal assets? How much do you use them and harness them?

When we utilise our personal assets we get in touch with our core soul-yearnings and our deepest desires that drive us in life into taking an action - be it small and mundane or big and visionary.

We have no control over the stars

We have no control over our deepest desires

We cannot avoid failures

We cannot replicate success (Let alone someone else's....)

Using our personal assets teaches us that failures do exist and are part of life's organic fabric.

When we utter slogans such as "There's no such thing as a failure, everything is a learning process..." we actually miss the opportunity to learn.

There is NO learning in turning your back to experience, no matter what its quality. WOW I even had difficulty uttering the word 'failure'. I had to practice for the new moon event ;)

Turning our back to life's experiences is like being the big ancient spider-woman who weaves the fabric of life from threads of consciousness - while at the same time becoming her victim, mummifying ourselves inside the threads of creation, in stuckness.

I invite you to rebel against anything that keeps you in stuckness.

In this new moon the stars are forming a T square (Black Moon Lilith, Pluto and Uranus form a T square ) - that gives us electric shock waves of refreshment and renewal so we can creat a path to the vision of a new cycle, a new year, a new life if you'd lik.

Failing to see myself

Failing to see my needs

Failing to make kind choices for myself

I will look at all these to discover where it comes from - I will then transform my failures to my Sorcerer's apprentice.

I will break the dependency on social slogans that dictates how I should feel or think of myself.

Dig deep into your personal assets and discover the 'why' and the 'what'. Then the road of 'how' will reveal itself to you, just like magic. Then you will use your energies wisely and you won't get so exhausted.

Then you'll find the right words to describe your message, to describe your business, to describe your vision - all in clarity and authenticity.

When we take the time to pause, reflect and review what we have done and what we would like to do in the future, we reach the deepest roots of our potential and let ourselves grow proud.

I invite you to let go of shame and guilt

use your personal assets with pride and joy.

This new cycle is suitable for high aspirations the kind of a high top of a tree with deep deep roots that rich unknown field in:


Reputation and social status


Place in your community

Long-term plans.

May you have an inspiring new cycle.

To understand the meaning Mercury retrograde - beyond pop culture of backup your computer... - and what kind of energies available for you to work with this cycle in a clear and practical language, as well as guided meditation to seed new intentions - you can purchase the recording of the new moon event for 8 euro.

By purchasing the recording you support this free event, keeping it free, allowing others who can't participate in paid events to grow and evolve.

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