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Transform Old Failures to your Sorcerer's Apprentice - New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn aspires to achieve long-term goals, practical and pragmatic. S/he is serious. Not afraid of looking at old failures and saying - OK, and what can I do now?!...

The energy of this month asks you to give a direction to your vision - for yourself and for your community.

The energy of Capricorn gives us honesty and integrity. With Mercury retrograde it asks us to search for:

The lost words

Th forgotten inner wisdom

The neglected personal assets

The soul-question I have raised for this cycle is:

What are my personal assets?

What do you know about your personal assets? How much do you use them and harness them?

When we utilise our personal assets we get in touch with our core soul-yearnings and our deepest desires that drive us in life into taking an action - be it small and mundane or big and visionary.

We have no control over the stars

We have no control over our deepest desires

We cannot avoid failures

We cannot replicate success (Let alone someone else's....)