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I Need Your Love

I remember how I chose to answer your voice.

I drove down to sit by the stream. It’s where not long ago I got stuck on the way with the car because I was too lazy to get petrol and let the old lady take me all the way.

A couple of angels appeared to help the woman who speaks English in a foreign land, looking lost by the plum trees.

It is also where not long ago a policeman stopped me to check my licence and registration, of which I had none. And he it was who apologised for stalling me and causing me harm.

There by the stream I decided to write the answer to the question which had been humming in my inner ears for some not-so-long-ago-days…

…Were all these shadows trying to follow me and stop me from looking into this question? I wonder if these shadows cloaked my memory like a tree casting its shade on the ground to allow the human to find a place to rest from a demanding sun…

Beneath the faltering shades of trees dressing the naked stream, I sat to write – Why?!

Why do I need your love?!


I need your love.

Not because I'm needy.

Not because I'm selfish.

Not because I don't have a love for you.

I need your love. Because with your love the fear and the hatred, the collective cynicism and criticism are easier to bear.

Your love and my love are connected like two rings in a golden necklace. They pull on each other to form a bond that lets us do our job.

It's our job to be that pretty and shine like gold’s birthright to sparkle.

It's our job to remind everyone it's time to bring together forlorn ideas on love, compassion, fairness, beauty and true friendship. There was a time when they sprang like a new branch. Now they're lying scattered like waste in a modern world.

Like a bird we pick them up, collecting all the fallen twigs. We will weave them together to build a nest, that will embrace us, that will provide a space for laying eggs on a new dream.

I need your love.

Not because it satisfies a dissatisfaction.

Not because I'm lonely and seeking to fill the mined shafts in my soul.

Not because love is the opposite of war.

I need your love. Because it has no opposition, it's rather an absolute truth standing proud like a full moon. Because it's a natural cure to all disease. Because it's the infinite fountain of creation unfolding as the flight of a dove.

This creation flows and flows and flows. It is the river of life that washes away anything that stands to stop it. It washes away views and opinions, ideas and agendas, you see.

The river of life has no uniform. It doesn't look at the time to tell you off when you're late to understand your nature, when you're scared to shed your glamour suit and high heels, and dip yourself in its true naked waters.

I have a head full of dreams.

and they're seeping down down down –

between the little rocks of old ideas and disappointments

beneath entangled rational congestions

where they jellify and calcify.

My heart whispers to them,

come, come out, come you,

ushers them out of their stuckness

lures them away to unleash their erotic powers

to shimmer through the flames.

My dreams lose their senses in the

redolent path of wishes and desires,

they pass through the loom to distill their mind.

You see, my dreams have their own mind,

They have dwelled far too long in the salty reliquary of the head,

they have become solid with the passage of time.

Nobody knows that the salt of tears rises from the fountain of unfulfilled dreams.

Nobody told me tears are preserved in the passage of timeless time

till the flutes of the heart send their notes

to unbind them from a perverse relationship to the movement of life.

But my heart, oh my heart can see

The dance of the butterfly

The song of the sun

The music by which it will sculpt this raw dreammind.

I need your love. Because it's the only thing that can touch mine.

This kind of love, one not to posses or feed the belly with, wraps my heart with a soft feather blanket. It soothes me and makes me fall awake, unleashes the light that is locked within it like a flower that releases its petals to free the captive fragrance – the petals are wide open to allow creation to be tempted into a new penetration.

I need your love. Because it's the invisible cloak of grace.

I need your love because a pure love has no reasons, and like a wizard it is never late. It is the greatest force that has delivered you to this communal fate. It stands proudly in its own right, and is not born out of cause and effect.

So you see, I need your love, because I need you to be your own.


Published on Rebelle Society

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