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I Need Your Love

I remember how I chose to answer your voice.

I drove down to sit by the stream. It’s where not long ago I got stuck on the way with the car because I was too lazy to get petrol and let the old lady take me all the way.

A couple of angels appeared to help the woman who speaks English in a foreign land, looking lost by the plum trees.

It is also where not long ago a policeman stopped me to check my licence and registration, of which I had none. And he it was who apologised for stalling me and causing me harm.

There by the stream I decided to write the answer to the question which had been humming in my inner ears for some not-so-long-ago-days…

…Were all these shadows trying to follow me and stop me from looking into this question? I wonder if these shadows cloaked my memory like a tree casting its shade on the ground to allow the human to find a place to rest from a demanding sun…

Beneath the faltering shades of trees dressing the naked stream, I sat to write – Why?!

Why do I need your love?!


I need your love.

Not because I'm needy.

Not because I'm selfish.

Not because I don't have a love for you.

I need your love. Because with your love the fear and the hatred, the collective cynicism and criticism are easier to bear.