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Has it been or did I have a dream?

Rare moments of exposure in raising the curtains of 2016

She looks for light under an apple tree. A gentle beautiful soul, she has fair skin, her ears are delicate and shaped like butterfly wings. Her eyes are like almonds. She has a long tail. She closes her eyes and is transformed. Into an executive in a city, sharp-dressed and flowing with the streets. She has a full life there, but it is a dream-state. Or so we would say. But closing her eyes under the apple tree really does transform her. She likes these transformations, she feels herself in a different way, she inhabits a different body. And she knows that when she transforms she enters a limited world, but she is eagre for the experiences she has there. They expand her. She is highly trained. She just has to open or close her eyes to step out or in. She loves the apple tree, the open field, the light, and the transformations. They are her nectar.

Your Human Conditioning Is Changing

The reins are in your hands, and you have learned to hold them. Now you need to take the lead, to set the course and point the way forward. When you close your eyes, your reality changes, and now not only in dreams. In fluttering your eyelids you touch the light of change. As if you were navigating with an extinct animal which has come back to the world, come back to planet Earth, and wants to rejoice in happiness and dance an imaginary shamanic dance. Out of enthusiasm it throws all the China plates from the shelves of the display cabinet – but the timing is right to jettison antiques. The reins are in your hands and the joy is yours, since you have dreamt this dream, you have weaved this dream, and this dream is that reality which you are about to experience.

The wisdom you have acquired, the truth you have have assembled with hard labour starts to shine through. It will shine strongly, but trained hearts will know how not to be blinded by it. Since those who have not trained their hearts will be blinded and will experience deep confusion which will force them to find the truth. That will be done with pain and suffering. And you, dear masters, will embrace them with your compassion, the compassion you have learned in the school of light. I am Serina, the mother of all compassion, and I want to give you the same truth you have held for so many years in the drawers of your soul.

It Is Time to Pull the Truth out from the Drawer

2016 is a year of discovering inner truth. Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness is an age of expression. The authority is the self-authenticity. Superiority is of truth that shines naturally. The flow is of the frequency of love. The abundance is of grounded and humble energy. Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness is an age such as you haven't seen in any human societies which have so far existed. Feel the excitement and start practicing the skill of holding the reins.

You have arrived at a year of direct guidance from spirit. More and more channels delivering messages are opening up. The partnership of the trained hearts with spirit will manifest in new and unusual understandings about the nature of reality and the nature of humanity, and for that an emotional independence is needed, the independence of the heart. Without independence you cannot achieve such novelty. Without independence you cannot touch such cosmic truth. This is why you have prepared for this age, beloved. We are not talking to you about a world where taxes are lower or there is less friction between nations, or a place where novelty is in more sophisticated technological devices, but about a dream-like reality where world orders will be completely changed because the conditioning of humans is changing, and the Self-authentic authority of each and every human will expose heaven on earth.

Pay attention to how everything meets you right in your face. The migration of animals is changing direction, rhythm and pace due to changes in weather patterns. Human migration between countries and borders swamps you with problems you have closed your eyes to. Floods and earthquakes meet you with the power of Mother Earth reacting and speaking her own language. Just as the diamond crystal child is not satisfied with a plain answer such as "I told you so", but demands connection and answers from the heart, without which he will simply continue with his own agenda! You start seeing the connections, the nature of consciousness, cosmic entanglement in action.

2016 is a year of truth. This is the completion of a circle, isn't it? The more the jargon of the New Age spreads, the more truth will spread on planet Earth and show herself in various mundane expressions. Words such as quantic, frequencies and vibrations will penatrate your daily language. And there are spiritual streams that you will examine to see whether they are revealing the truth or covering it up with more words. Be gentle with your feelings, because they are dancing to the sounds of tuned chords.

Geometrical Responsibility

And this is your responsibility. Responsibility is not punishment. It is not a burden, not a list of duties and prohibitions. Responsibility is simply independence. Emotional independence. Responsibility is the creation of reality. Taking responsibility means to be emotionally independent. Not to throw your questions outwards and expect a predigested answer just for the sake of not bearing responsibility, of not being independent. Stay with your inquiry in the space between in-breath and out-breath. Find in the gentle space of the movement of the whole the residing place of creation, learn how knowledge arises out of this invisible space between in-breath and out-breath, which in the universe you would call a black hole.

You were taught about responsibility in school, you were taught about responsibility in societal structures, and now we want to talk to you about what you know of as creating your reality. There is something in the activity of consciousness that confuses you. If consciousness is whole, infinite, all-knowing, independent – why does it need to learn or expand? Why does it lack, you will ask.

In a world where the dominant tone is limitation, for you, learning is in order to fix something that exists. Learning is in order to change something that exists. You think that your children wouldn't know how to get along in the world if they didn't attend kindergarten and school. And suddenly the diamond crystal children arrive, and they are independent, know what they want, get along by themselves. "But I have responsibility,” you would say. Responsibility for what or to whom? We ask.

Pay attention to the process you have gone through in school. You had an experience. And what was the main experience? The human interaction, experiencing with playing with your feelings, understanding your personal container. How many of you changed their essence due to a literature or a bible class as compared to the deep experience you had with your bible teacher or your gymnastics teacher? That which meets the content of the lesson is the feeling.

Feelings of love, compassion and generosity will open the Agreement in your inner gates. They will awaken the geometrical space in the human body towards the existing structure. Experiencing feeling is an experience which is available to the human, and is a joined cosmic learning. This resembles a game that you play when you cover the eyes of a person with a blindfold so he cannot see. And he, the momentarily blind, is looking to catch you. He doesn't actually lose his sight, so why is it that you amuse yourselves with such games? Riddles, puzzles, card games. In all of them there is an element of searching for something which already exists, is already known, and the thrill of the process is not diminished by this fact. This is because when consciousness learns realities blend and synchronise, and a new experience is allowed, one which couldn't have happened without the blindfold.

Consciousness is not asking to fix anything, because nothing is damaged or wrConsciousness is not looking to complete the missing, because nothing is missing. ong. Even the expansion that you refer to in your language is not consciousness reacting out of a contracted state toward an expansion. It is relaxing into geometrical responsibility, another ring in the flower of life, another spiral in the movement of stars, another layer of colour and sound in the fabric of soul and the embroidery of creation.

You have no choice but to understand these messages from the heart! And those who didn't prepare for this stage experience embarrassment. "I want to tell you about an odd experience: I have invited relationship, and it happened,” will say a woman for whom the invitation to love has never before passed the lips. "I have heard a message from an angel and it was interesting,” will say the man who has never sat with you in channelling gatherings, but to whom these messages come in unplanned and unexpected ways. Beloved masters, contain these people with compassion and love, they are embarrassed by the magnificent colours of the Light, embarrassed by the their own strength, that's all.

Ascension and Elevation are Containing

Verbal language is a means to creating human perception. Symbolic language is the way of Spirit to transmit eternal information, straight from creation. The latent power opens like the lotus flower in your heart, not losing its layers, but processed by the heart's mechanisms directly and independently. And you have only started understanding Light, whereas physicists told you not so long ago it has two possible states – wave and particle – at the same time.

Mathematics and physics are using the same methods. What scientists understand from reality they encode in numbers and formulas. Only these are symbols of linear reality and they cut a chunk away from the essence of creation and set it aside. Like a dream you remember when you wake up and tell a friend about, but the dimension of the dream lives on inside you in far more glorious and vivid hues which do not pass through the channels of memory and language.

Light reflects itself through you. You are the sun that reflects its rays and lights up the environment.

This is why you see so vividly the deficits of others, the sufferings of others, as well as the problems or the mistakes or the wrongdoings that you will attribute to them. This is a projection. Be the sun. Lightning reflecting life-giving sun which is not screening or choosing her rays. Her rays don’t come back to her. And it’s only the clouds of mind which reduce her strength.

Ascension and elevation are not actions. Elevation is containing. Ascension is containing. When your energy has ascended you contain all other dimensions – from one reality to the other you no longer discern between has it been or did I have a dream.

As long as you inhabit a human body, you do not abandon the third dimension. You contain multi-dimensionality, and now learn how to contain all these realities. The bodies of the trained hearts vibrate at frequencies that will not disassemble existing structures but add to them. Add to them. Contain them.

In order for something to grow it has to be contained. And this is where you will probably understand the answer to a question we have been asked a lot: “If my soul is unlimited and merging with my body, why am I limited?”

Did you know that the growth of a plant occurs thanks to hormones flowing in its bark and sacrificing their death for the sake of its growth? Nature is an open book and tells all about creation. The soul is contained through the space of the body and expands out beyond the limitation.

Like in the Fibonacci Sequence, the more the numbers grow and advance, the more the connection between them comes close to the golden accuracy. Advancement leads to closeness, the division leads to the golden accuracy and the limitation leads to perfection. Dear masters, these are not opposites. These are fractal pieces of the cosmic field. And so are your beloveds, who start to understand your language, the language of light. If you do not speak your language of light, you will not give them a fair chance to shine the rays of light. Do not hide the truth which is inner to you. It is time to pull it from the drawer without embarrassment, with love. With love.

Divinity is revealed in geometrical patterns, in divine patterns. Divinity is not revealed in limited mundane situations, not until you contain the limited daily situations in a divine pattern. Cast them into a divine pattern. This is why those who learn the language of sacred geometry, the language of creation, learn like a diligent soul to inquire into the limitation from the perspective of the whole picture. Through the cosmic microscope is revealed the “gain”, in your language, which is within the human limitation.

Now, beloved, you reveal the merge. You have created it, you have geometrical repsonsibility for it. This is a merge which occurs in multi-dimensionality. Multi-dimensionality is containing, ascending and elevating.

The Sacred Books

The world is an open book for those who know how to read. Most people are still illiterate when it comes to reading the lines of nature and the pages of Gaia. There will be schools built that will teach you geometrical repsonsibility instead of social responsibility. Society will not be based on ideas, but on divine patterns.

A baby carries the innate ability, as magic, to acquire verbal language. He knows how to recognise the patterns, the rhythms and the tone of the language, and so does each human have the innate capacity to feel Gaia and to connect to Gaia. This is a living and breathing capacity, even if it exists on a small flame, at some stage in your life it starts to listen to the magical sounds of Gaia. It is never too late to instil love in the abilities of reading the treasures of the world.

Do not stop reading the language of the planet and the language of the universe. The signs, the commas, the full stops, the adjoining and constructing letters, all is there between the sky and earth, above them and below them. This is abundance in its full glory.

In contrast to your cellular devices and technological navigators, the signals of Gaia have reception in all areas on planet Earth. The Holy Book is the Book of Gaia, and it is a live and breathing book. It is renewed according to need, and tells you the latest updated prophecy. Call it potential, call it prophecy: this is the natural calendar. This the ancient cultures knew to create for you. They didn’t write the years for you, but they did write the natural cycles of the sacred books. You are waiting anxiously for the forecast of the next year, but it is within your ability to read it for yourself within your own heart.

The calendar of nature is alive dynamic and breathing. There are many occasions for celebration. In your 2016, the trained heart will celebrate. It will echo the song of the heart and the heart of the soil. The truth and the love are being exposed with full power. Those who recognise the energy are nodding with joy. The truth and the love receiving more encouragement and more support. Many will ask in 2016 “What is the truth?”

Many will inquire into everything they have so far learned read and practised, and will ask, “Is this the latest updated prophecy of Gaia?” Many of you who are reading this, beloved, will easily shed the shells which have concealed the shamanic truth and will start shining, each in his own personal and unique style, the light of creation. Everyone will ask “What is the truth?” because the energies which are about to envelope you will leave no one human indifferent to exisiting structures. No one human will be left behind, and each heart will have to use the right of creation, the humans’ right to choose!

The Barrier of “I Know” and Remembering the Mission

The limitation has pushed you more and more inwards, has rushed you like a bee entering the pentagon maze of the hive to make the queen’s food.

Love belongs to no one, has no belonging, and lacks no belonging. It is not possessive and lacks no possession. Her asset is herself. It is the same principle of creation. Your asset is yourself. And instead of creating yourself with yourself, you have devoted time to building walls around love, with ideas and opinions for bricks.

Who are the light-workers? Who are the light-messengers? you ask. You and you and you. You are all messengers of the light. Ask: “How can I shine my light?” Ask: “What is the easiest and most joyful way to shine my unique light?”

“Many years I have been in the spiritural journey,” you say. Of course! You are all on a spiritual journey, because the body is married with the soul. A divine merge. And when you pick up the new gown of the queen, you discover in your pockets all the notes you have hidden from yourself in previous lessons. The messages from past lifetimes wait for you to read them, and now – like the independent squirrels of the heart. Like the queen’s announcement about taking the reins.

“Many years I have been on a spiritual journey”: it’s a justification for avoiding creation. Don’t see blame in that, and there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. You were born into a version of the Emperor’s New Clothes and you have taken into your own hands the creation of a new creation. You know everything! You build another wall when you say: “This we already know.” Let us give you some advice, some guidance. Change the energy by saying: “Aha, I recall.” “Aha, this I recognise.” Melt the wall with the compassion of remembering.

Your task for the year 2016 is to awaken with a compassionate determination the remembering. The Photon Light Belt supports the process of remembering.

Pay attention to what happens to you when you remember something. You went to the supermarket to buy something you are missing at home, but when you get there you forget what it was. You made no list. You prepared no notes, and you have simoply forgotten. You’re wandering around the supermarket trying to remember. Something is tickling you, somthing is bothering you. What is it? You walk between the aisles of the shelves. Maybe something will awaken your memory. You are tense, alert, all your senses are working. Maybe you think of giving up and coming back another time. Maybe you are experiencing frustration and despair. Maybe you are determined to go on until you remember.

And suddenly you remember. Aha. What a joy, what a relief. Everything is relaxed. You can go on in your journey, maybe get to the cashier, pay and return home to enjoy your purchase.

This is exactly how it happens to you in a spiritual supermarket. The world is an open book. And when you remember the language you start breathing naturally and easily. There is no place for blocking statememts such as “I know” when the experience is remembering. There is nodding. The heart opens and rejoices. This is the truth. The truth reminds you, and to all inhabitants of planet Earth, your essence, the merging of dimensions.

The Vortex of the Heart – a Practical Magic.

The unified field of polarity is the holographic reality. This is a field which in it contains all complexities, all perfections. You are not merely a body with a soul or a soul with body. You are not mere head with heart or heart with head. You are magical beings. You are the proof for the existence of alchemy. This is a cause for celebration. Celebrate these circumstances. When did you last rejoin with yourself to celebrate yourself? You tend to celebrate based on holidays fixed in your calendar. In a moment, 2016 merges with the spiral of the universe and you’re already busy preparing for celebration.

What a magic it is the field of the heart vortex?! A powerful portal to a multi-dimensional reality whose strength is exposed in abundance. In abundance. The power of the heart vortex is the unification of everything that flows through it. Magic in simplicity is that which crosses the border of possibility in your eyes. And this magic is practical. When you use the gate of the heart, reality and dream merge in one dimension of a unified field.

The truth and the love are transparent. Maybe for this you will choose to chase the shadows they leave behind. You could also choose to walk safely between transparent drops of true spirit’s love.

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