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New Lunar Cycle - Leo

14.8.15 - 12.09.15

This time we're really getting to the heart of the matter. The lion brings us the qualities of courage, magnificence, valour and the wild nature.

Once we've finished with the wounds of the past and let go of something that didn't get a proper form or solidity we can take a brave action, step into the new initiation of humanity, express ourselves and mainly open our hearts and let it rule - since Leo is the king of hearts.

This cycle I'm posing the following soul-question:

How can I shine my light?

Use this cycle to understand your creativity, because creativity is self expression and self expression is your light!

Look at what you can let go of or what boundaries can be set so you can invoke your light.

This cycle we were also exposed to the power of the White Lion and learned why the White Lion represents the new humanity....

This cycle I'm offering a written personal guidance for the keys to creativity a and a message from the White Lion.

You can ask either for guidance to the keys of your creativity


A personal guidance on how the current energies unfold specifically for you

Each guidance for only 12€

In ordering a personal guidance you will receive the recording of the last free event I'm holding for the new lunar cycle 'Moon Tea Leaf'

Want to join next time? It's FREE. Sign here

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