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Be Real

Here we are.

Expecting all kinds of things to happen, to move us and inform us...

It's all ideas. Very real.

They are real because you can relate to them. Anything that you can relate to you consider real. Anything you can't relate to you consider unreal.

Real and reality is being in intimacy with what is. Be real, one might say, as one can relate to a car or a table.

Be real, one might say, because one can relate to love or to fear.

To be real would be derived from that which we can get in touch with.

Let's start with the 'here'. What is that 'here' for you? What sense of 'here' do you have right now? Where is it located? Is it localised at all? Can you point to the boundaries of what is here and not here? Is it anchored in a physical sense, in a feeling, in a thought....?

Did you find what's in the 'here'? Or did you look for something to be found in the 'here'?

There are all kinds of real. There's the tangible real and the non tangible real. They live together coherently whether you acknowledge it or not. Whether you allow it or not.

Take the simple example of going out for a night in a bar with friends. You would like it to be fun, you expect it to be fun. Yet when you arrive a friend is telling a sad story about something that happened to her.

It's not fun. It's not the kind of fun you expected, yet you're in that bar, that's the real reality that is taking place co-existing with the realm of feelings and expectations and reactions you have towards that situation in the bar. And the memory of what you wanted to have when you left your home. And the relationship you hold to this memory And so on.....

All those feelings and inner movements exist right next to the physical event Memory and they co-exist whether you allow it or not.

So what do we do with this? How does it bring wisdom, how does it inform us? Clarity of mind matters. When the mind is clear a fresh perspective is allowed. That's when transformation is allowed

Clarity allows the noise that the mind creates to settle down back into the vast conscious space, the limitless space.

When we merge with consciousness there's a natural movement of dropping down, taking the elevator down from the mind to the heart.

The figuring out is quietened Understanding loses its grip.

Clarity assists us in realising. Realising is the presence of infinite consciousness And the relationship between the finite and the infinite.

Calmness and clarity are friends with joy. Their companionship is natural, effortless Realising is effortless Allowing things to come to you is realising, effortless. The here is very real. Even when it changes constantly. It's real.

Change doesn't make things unreal. It makes them changeable. When anger arises and you feel it for real in your body. It's not less real than when you calm down. And you feel calm and peaceful. And all this happens in the intangible space. So is it real or not? Was it real or not?

You can't lock truth in naming one thing as real and the other as unreal, since truth is unlock-able. It cannot be trapped in any object, neither in the mind nor in the mind-less.

To be real, is to be in intimacy with the here and now. It is to be not to do. It is to feel and realise. It is to be. And to be. And to be. Infinitely being. Realising

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