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Triple power- Equinox, eclipse, new cycle March 2015

A brief message is delivered to you today to enjoy this equinox shift.

"Dear one and all. The equinox day is like the day of return. Returning towards the abundance which resides in you. Abundance of love, abundance of creation, abundance of unity. This is the time to shift emotional gear and thought-gear, such that walks in the magical terrains and knows how to connect with creation and generation out of celestial and personal signs. Each feeling and emotion is like a star's spark, and if you unify your internal light fields you will instantly discover that simple place, that calm place, that letting-go place which allows shifting the gear to the spirit-walk of abundance. The wind-walk of abundance."

Equinox and eclipse day, stars earth sun and moon changing places, changing roles, and echoing to the residents of earth this same energy which you can take advantage of for the courage you need in changing the role you have taken upon yourselves in your lives. The stars are coming closer to each other and you are coming closer to your selves. Powerfully echoing the capacity to abandon stories (the Greek meaning of the work ekleipsis is abandon). And so to abandon the fear of abandonment and to receive a "fresh deal" for your lives.

The eclipse which takes place in the water star floods you and directs your attention to water issues in your bodies as well on your land. Water has no capacity of denial and has the capacity to abandon unbeneficial paths. Water does not deny that which passes through it, and so each leaf of emotion and thought floats up and finds its imprint in it. As it happens in your body, so it happens in the earth's water sources. Make a note to drinking enough water and purify the water from memories, chemicals, and fluoride, flood the body with pure flow to assist in cleaning the negative residue. If you will not awaken to your need for spiritual life (in parallel to your material life) the waterly residue will find the way to flood you, as water has no capacity of denial and has the capacity of abandoning.

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