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Abundance Meditation

It is recommended to practice this meditation in a reclining pose, ideally when you wake up before you get out of bed or before you go to sleep.

Keep you eyes closed. If you have just woken up be aware of your breathing and your state of feelings and mind. If you are going to sleep take few deep breath to settle down and let go of the day that has passed.

Now, look inside yourself and realise - the ground that you are standing on. Imagine in your heart the ground you are standing on and pay attention - what is it made of? how supportive does it feel? how big or small is it? do you feel comfortable standing on your ground?

Let your ground expand. Watch how your inner ground expands wider and wider. Feel how your ground becomes very supportive, it is solid and nourishing. Your inner ground becomes one which gives you a sense of confidence in life.

Allow the image of your inner ground keep expanding so much that you can't see its edges. Your inner ground is so wide it merges with the horizon. You can feel how your inner ground becomes infinite.

As you feel supported by the ground that holds you, you can start walking. You are walking on this infinite ground of yours, and as you walk the ground merges with the horizon. Wherever you place your feet you notice flowers sprouting up from the ground. Little colourful flowers are flowering with each step you take.

Keep on walking on your solid ground and notice that it is now covered with a carpet of flowers. Your ground is rich with the colours and variety of flowers, their fragrance brushes through your nose and you feel stronger and more confident.

Find a place to sit. Maybe under a tree, maybe next to a lake, or a rock high up, and rest there.

Enjoy the abundance of support you get from your inner ground. Nourish yourself with the abundance of colours and smells, feel nourished by infinity. Embrace the potential that lies in your inner ground and the happiness it gives you.

Allow your self to hold these feelings and images as you take your first steps out of bed in the morning, or towards your dream-state. Let this image of a supportive nourishing inner ground accompany you.

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