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Balancing Meditation

Find a comfortable position, either sitting, lying down or standing, and close your eyes.

Move your body very gently as if you’re on the shore of a lake or a river, just at the meeting point between water and earth. The element of water brings movement, flexibility, change and the force to open new paths. The earth elemnt of support, nourishment, depth and grounding.

The elements are meeting as you gently move your body to feel the energy waves from earth, constantly bringing you support. Feel the waves of water, feel their movement. With this constant energy movement keep on moving your body in gentle movements, listening to these energy waves.

Find the most comfortable position with this movement. Move your back, your neck and head. Feel the waves’ movement going through your hip. Feel the hip suppoerted by the nourishing element of earth. Feel also the hip supported by the waves of water, they know how to move and how to create space. Keep on moving other parts of your body embracing the balanced movement of earth and water.

Feel the power of this balanced movement, the spaciousness. Breath in deeply. Inhale the energy of supportive movement spreading through your body. Exhale and release the heavy or stagnant energies. Repeat this kind of breathing a few more times and feel the wave in and out.

The wave is carrying your lightness, joy, receptivity, openness. Allow the waves to do all this for you, allow this freshness and release to be carried for you, you bring no effort.

The waves are expanding, resonating and echoing in your physical body. Let the waves keep on echoing wider and wider. The waves are spreading and echoing through your emotional body.

The waves are spreading and echoing through your mental body. The movement keeps on echoing through your spiritual body. Echoing beyond.

Feel that whatever need to be uplifted and cleared has been filtered and transformed. Now you have more energy available for your movement and change, these are balanced energy, they are fed by the balanced point of water and earth.

Stay in these echoing waves, allowing the clearance of energy, allow them to refine, they are subtle and powerful, and they are available to you.

You can feel balanced, grounded, and at ease. Feel this loving centred energy.

You are one balanced presence.

Slowly you rise anew in this space.

Feel connected to all your bodies, one and centred in this whole experience.

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