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YES Meditation

Find a comfortable position. You may want to lie down, sit or maybe stand. Find the position which supports your need at the moment.

Close your eyes and take a deep in-breath, make the out breath noticeable. Either by sighing or just dropping the shoulders and your weight towards the ground. Take another in deep breath and another deep out breath.

With the next in-breath feel a sense of stroking when the air you are inhaling, the force of life you're taking in, is stroking you gently from the inside. As you let the air and the force of life leave your body you feel the same feeling of soothing, stroking you towards your energy field around you.

Keep on with the feeling and sensation of a stroking soothing force of life coming in and out of your body, leading you gently to a soft place, to a gentle space.

This smoothing feeling allows you to drop into your own rhythm, like rocking a baby, nursing her with trust and gentleness you lead yourself as you would lead het to drop and sink and release in softness. Keep on this rhythm, your personal soothing rhythm. You know now that everything is ok. Whatever happens and however you feel it is ok.

You may feel a gentle subtle movement arise in your body, arising with you rhythm. Allow it to happen if it's there. Allow your body to synch with this rhythm.

With this space of your own rhythm, the soothing and gentle trust, start saying in your heart, to yourself- YES. Simply YES.

Saying YES which is not conditioned to anything and anyone. Simply gentle rhythm and saying YES.

Notice what is sinking and falling off you. What is letting go, what kind of energy becomes available to you. YES.

Repeat saying YES in your own soothing gentle rhythm. Caress your inner being with this opening by repeating the word YES as much as it feels right.

When you go back to your daily life, nurture and nourish this gentle rhythm and the openness of saying YES which is free of any conditioning.

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