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Golden Spiral Meditation

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. As you close you eye your attention drops to your inner realm, and to your breath.

Take few conscious breath. As you breath-in you mind follows the oxygen flows inside. And then there is a place of rest before the air leaves your body.

As you breath-out and let go of the air follows a place of rest, before you move on to the in-breath.

As you keep breathing in, resting, breathing out, resting, allowing this intuitive effortless movement to happen by itself, feel the connection between your inner world and your external world.

Now imagine a golden thread moving in a spiral movement with the movement of your breath. As you breath in the golden thread spirals it's way in, finds the place of rest and keep on spiralling out to the outer space.

Keep on following this spiral movement of the golden thread as it weaves its way in, resting, weaves its way out, resting and in and on.....

You feel deeply the sense of connectedness and spaciousness with the spiral movement. And the golden thread leaves sparkles of golden light, shining your inner body, your heart, your breath, your inner rest. As the spiral golden thread weaves it' way out you are shining golden sparks on everything around you. Even the bed and chairs, the trees and the animals around can feel the golden sparks of your spiral.

Keep on this spiral movement, feeling the spaciousness and how easy it is to connect the inner and the outer.

As you open your eye take this spiral movement with you.

You can repeat this visualisation at any moment of the day. As you wake up or as you go to sleep. As you drive or walk in the street, as you sit for meditation.

This infinite movement of the golden thread is enhancing your connection of inner and outer on all levels of your life.

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