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Love Story

The human species is attracted to stories. Frames, patterns, borders. In a story, there's a crucial and major element, an alchemical element which allows the human to transform do what you would call "to connect". This is the element of spirit, which is feeling.

When a story manages to engage you, when it seduces your spirit body, it allows you space, and within it and parallel to it you can exist. This space is a space of your personal voice, which transmits to you gently in a unique and intimate space, which is yours. In spite of and beyond the story, you exist within it due to yourself. Even if for a fraction, a particle, that existence exists independently. Why are people attracted to those who channel Abraham, or who channel Isis? The spirit remains spirit whatever it is. But Abraham brings with him the legacy of the story, as does Isis, and so on and on.

Listen to your personal message, which can grow out of the story, and then abandon it and shed it like a fruit its skin. Let go even of the story of "the bigger picture". Just another frame of aspiring, in the will to go in it and embed.

What kind of life would you have had if sensations had prospered within you, stripped of conceptual frames? If you had let your personal spirit fly freely on the carpet of your personal voice? Like yin and yang, darkness and light, like a mating couple so does the spirit and self exist. Acting as a whole and expanding with each other. Those internal sounds and sensations will naturally lead to a melody which will sing you a story which is personal, authentic and independent.

Are you familiar with the fantasy of the time-tunnel? The one which is being used to go back to the past, change something which has happened. A familiar event you want to change the course of. Or to jump to the future and discover what will happen. What the unknown has in store for us, so we could draw some comfort and rest in the "knowing". What if you had used the image of time-tunnel in order to jump to another time, a new one, and invent yourself anew. A time which does not exist on the line of yesterday and tomorrow. It doesn't have to be a grandiose invention. To change every aspect and organ and form of yourself that you know. Change something small. One little beauty point. Like a new 'me' that exists free of the gamble on the mother and father. New 'me' exists in complete independence following the fulfilment of an internal passion, investing energy only in what interests and attracts.

Instead of fixating yourself on unilluminating patterns, try changing the language: "This is what attracts me..."; "my passion lies in...."; " I love...." The language will reprogram your patterns of thinking and being.

This is the first day in your life, so can it be, with the energy of the of the eleven(th month)' where you'll in-light yourself in a melting light of frames and patterns, with no curtains hiding your feelings, where you can shed light and saturate your personal presence in listening and expressing your independent personal voice. You could choose to take a quantum leap to a different time. Where you will be fresh. An energetic time which exists independently with no former and later ties. A story without a story. Which exists at this present moment. And only.

© Shelly Sharon

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