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“Imagination, in spite of your tendency to appropriate it as a private creation, is influenced by your travelings in various universes, and from different forms of existence. There you collect experiences and ideas and bring them to your consciousness, naming them - Imagination.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel you’re inventing things in your imagination or hear them - the result is the same. They enter your awareness and you can choose to use them for your benefit.”

Q - Is there such a thing as a private thought, private invention, private imagination..?

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint those who think and believe that they are superior creatures with revolutionary ideas. It’s parallel to a child looking into a wardrobe full of costumes, where each time he chooses a different outfit, a different costume - it’s like he invented one. In fact, he is not creating, but using something existing, while creating a novelty in his/her private world. Such it is with thoughts and imagination. You are taking from a pool of existing ideas around you, and harnessing them to your private pattern. You can’t dismiss the result but the source will always arrive and the patterns will always exist.

There’s space for choice,

There’s space for personal taste,

There’s space for individualism,

But still there’s space for modesty and meekness in your saturated ego world.” Spirit

If you're an artist imagination is probably your best friend... If you're in industry, business, or talking to your father, "you have a lot of imagination" is probably the last thing you want to hear as a comment...

I find this channelling illuminating on the topic of imagination.

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