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You Can Find Harmony Beyond The Box

Why the light? What does it mean to be the light or carry the light?

Harmony is disrupted when we brutally cut our lives into three pieces. One piece is called the past, one the future, and another one the present. In the future, we place most of our expectations which can be derived from either fear or hope. In the past, we store successes or disappointments. And in the present, we are torn between past and future. So can we really live in Harmony? This is the paradigm of thinking.

Conflicts and war around the globe are covering us with news, comments, and reminiscences of past and future. It seems that a certain tenor of language and apocalyptic threats from the past are re-emerging and trying to force us into a potential future, while at present Humans are split between one side and the other, having lost the ability to speak the language of Harmony. Having lost the capacity to think beyond the Box.

Continuum - a quality of Harmony

Michael Talbot said that “we are like children who need their colouring books, lacking the ability to paint freely without the lines guiding our clumsy hands”. On these linear lines we have placed three boxes - past, present and future. Anything and everything is immediately filed into one of these boxes, which literally rule our lives. Within these boxes we can locate and retrieve our views, opinions, fears, hopes - everything, in fact, that would make us - Human.

What if we had the opportunity to invent a different system? To think beyond the Box. What if we could come up with a new way of organising life and living - how would that look? If we had no time, no past present and future - would 'free will' still be a relevant subject?

Freedom cannot be trapped in a box

Free will has been occupying Humans for centuries. Humans are concerned with losing their freedom, and for a good reason! Not because in the past-Box we have stories of how we lost our freedom to one event or another. Instead, we know we have the potential to be completely free, and spend our entire lives looking for that freedom. As long as we are trapping our life within one of three Boxes, we cannot be free. War over any piece of story associated with any piece of past-Box, or future-Box, will never win Humans to the path of freedom.

Freedom in the 3D world is limited. Because we have a body, we feel pain. Thus Freedom is limited within the boundaries of pain. But we still have the freedom to choose not to suffer from pain. So it is in the case of time. Time is limited to the paradigm of thinking, of past, present, and future constructs. Thus our freedom is limited within this construct, but we still have the freedom to chose a different construct. Beyond, around and within each construct a potential is hovering.

Just like with pain or any other experience, our interpretation of information and what we create from it is our free choice. Potential is not speculative thought, but rather a possibility to tap into a system which is beyond the paradigm of thinking.

Potential is a gateway to Harmony

To understand potential you can think of a flower - once it was a tree, tomorrow it can be a fruit. The potential is encrypted in a non-localised level that is beyond time. The fruit depends on sun, water, soil, wind, and other elements to fulfil its potential. But still the potential exists. Such is the difficult paradox for Humans: how can a thing exist in one form, and at the same time have the hidden encryption (potential) to exist in a different form?! This is pure quantum. And it invites us to see that there is a way to go beyond a known linear construct.

To experience something is fundamentally different than merely processing information about it. This is the crux of the paradox for Humans: our freedom is limited by pain, but pain, which allows us to experience, is a handle on the door of consciousness. But can one thing be the cause for the limitation of freedom, and at the same time be the factor that leads to freedom?

Imagine someone has placed two video cameras in front of a fish in an aquarium. You would notice that on one camera you see the front of the fish, whereas on the other the side of the fish. Looking at the two cameras, you can conclude that you are looking at two different fishes. Observing more closely, though, you will see that each time one fish moves, the other one moves in exactly the same manner.

At a deeper level of reality, the reality of the aquarium, the two fishes are actually one. We live in the reality of the camera. We document everything with our senses, once again placing everything in one of three Boxes. It is possible to "dive in" to the aquarium level, to a deeper level of being, where the Continuum is not divided into past, present, and future, but exposes the encryption of potentialities and the trade between them with no hesitation nor boundaries.

Light is the symbol for Harmony

Quantum physics has revealed to us that an electron can be both a wave and a proton. Meaning that a thing, a very fundamental thing in our life, possesses a hybrid of characteristics in which it acts like both in different situations. Imagine yourself capable of being both Human and a tiger. Shamanism can show that it’s actually real. So where and how does the transformation happen?

There’s a quite well known experiment, where you sit in a group of people in a hall and ask them to take notes of whatever they are observing. Suddenly, without prior notice, a man bursts into the room, shouts and yells, walking around the room, and then leaves just as he came. When people are then asked to share their notes, you can see that their notes differ from one another significantly, and not one of them has described the whole event as it was.

Where did the transformation happen? What happened between the event itself and the perceptions in the notes? What is the connecting mechanism between the event and the perceiving?

The transformation obviously happened in the space between the event and the mind that was observing the event. It happened between one field of consciousness - the body, which perceives with its senses - and another field of consciousness - the mind, which interprets, categorises, and places in Boxes. The transition between one consciousness and another is called a quantum leap. It happens at the sub-atomic level, beyond our physical senses, when the event and the perceptions are above the surface and the connecting cord between them is beyond the surface.

Quantum physics leads to a holistic understanding, a bridging between science and esoteric practices, and teaches us something about Harmony when it reveals that a light can be a particle and a wave at the same time. It shows us that at the same time, in the same field, there’s a possibility to live in Harmony in two different forms as in two different realms.

Light (and its counterpart, darkness) is the symbol of transformation, of enlightenment, and the beyond. Light as the element that is transforming in front of our eyes reminds us thousands of times a day that the deeper level of continuum is within our reach, just like pushing the light switch on the wall. Are we going to switch it on or off?

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