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You Can Find Harmony Beyond The Box

Why the light? What does it mean to be the light or carry the light?

Harmony is disrupted when we brutally cut our lives into three pieces. One piece is called the past, one the future, and another one the present. In the future, we place most of our expectations which can be derived from either fear or hope. In the past, we store successes or disappointments. And in the present, we are torn between past and future. So can we really live in Harmony? This is the paradigm of thinking.

Conflicts and war around the globe are covering us with news, comments, and reminiscences of past and future. It seems that a certain tenor of language and apocalyptic threats from the past are re-emerging and trying to force us into a potential future, while at present Humans are split between one side and the other, having lost the ability to speak the language of Harmony. Having lost the capacity to think beyond the Box.

Continuum - a quality of Harmony

Michael Talbot said that “we are like children who need their colouring books, lacking the ability to paint freely without the lines guiding our clumsy hands”. On these linear lines we have placed three boxes - past, present and future. Anything and everything is immediately filed into one of these boxes, which literally rule our lives. Within these boxes we can locate and retrieve our views, opinions, fears, hopes - everything, in fact, that would make us - Human.

What if we had the opportunity to invent a different system? To think beyond the Box. What if we could come up with a new way of organising life and living - how would that look? If we had no time, no past present and future - would 'free will' still be a relevant subject?

Freedom cannot be trapped in a box

Free will has been occupying Humans for centuries. Humans are concerned with losing their freedom, and for a good reason! Not because in the past-Box we have stories of how we lost our freedom to one event or another. Instead, we know we have the potential to be completely free, and spend our entire lives looking for that freedom. As long as we are trapping our life within one of three Boxes, we cannot be free. War over any piece of story associated with any piece of past-Box, or future-Box, will never win Humans to the path of freedom.

Freedom in the 3D world is limited. Because we have a body, we feel pain. Thus Freedom is limited within the boundaries of pain. But we still have the freedom to choose not to suffer from pain. So it is in the case of time. Time is limited to the paradigm of thinking, of past, present, and future constructs. Thus our freedom is limited within this construct, but we still have the freedom to chose a different construc