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Letting-go of Pain is painful

If you want to help someone to be themselves offer them love.

Even in the face of Love - Why is it so difficult to let go of pain?

I want to say that pain is addictive. But then I hold back. I’m afraid you’re going to feel judged or hurt. That you’ll see this as a personal accusation.

Is it because we have so many addictions in our society? - Addictions born under plasters we put on the collective emotions. Or is it because shame has been our personal feeding ground for too long?

You see, pain leads to isolation. It seduces you to concentrate on it and without noticing you are distanced from so much else which is not painful. All of a sudden anything that is not as painful as your pain is less important, not heroic enough. There’s such a bond between you and your pain, so why part from it?!

Pain always lives near bubbling vitality points.

Any emotional pain we experience sits on a mystical pain. This “mystical pain” as Kahlil Gibran called it, is a painful yearning to be known.

To be known for who you are. To be acknowledged for what you are. To be seen, heard, loved, is to be known.

The mystical pain to be known is a precious guide towards wholeness, towards being deeply content with who you are.

If you can peel back the surface and touch your mystical pain you’ll find that letting go of pain is not so painful anymore.

Shelly Sharon on letting go of pain

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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