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Speak to Your Body Meditation

Find a comfortable sitting position. Make sure your back is erect. Make sure the curve in your neck is aligned with the spine.

As you take a deep breath in let the prana travel through each vertebra.

As you make a deep breath out your weight drop down to the bottom of your spine.

With the next in-breath extend even more, align more.

As you out-breath let your prana drop all the way down down down- Through your spine to the ground, to the earth, through the earth to the centre of the planet.

Allow your Prana to be connected with the centre of the planet.

Stay there for few breaths to deepen the connection.

With the next in-breath let your energy climb all the way up, back to your spine, and keep on going up up up above the sky, above the planet, to the centre of the universe.

Stay there for few breaths, allow the connection to get stronger.

With the next out-breath let your energy sink in to your physical body.

Feel comfortable with your body and in your body.

Feel how close you are to your body, like with a very close old friend.

You and your body are walking together through in everything in life. Experiencing every feeling, every joy and sorrow, every hope and wish together.

Allow your heart-mind to travel to an area in the body that calls for your attention.

Stay with your heart-mind in that space in the body. And like old friends there’s no need to speak and utter words.

Be with this friend and just listen. Simply bring your loving attention, this satisfying connection of friends who are there for each other.

As you stay with this area in your body let it speak to you without words. Let the body inform you. Converse in trust.

Say to yourself in your heart - Everything is alive, everything is known.

Repeat this several times - Everything is alive, everything is known.

With this trust and knowing your inner eye is openning.

When you open you eyes notice you can see in all direction - in and out, below and above and all around.

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