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A sermon to Power. Love. Connection

“I’m new to this kind of business of being a SoulPreneur,

but I’m not new to the wisdom I have in me to share with the world!”

This understanding just came to me while I looked at Rebecca’s testimonial page. She did it so nicely, creating pictures with her clients’ photos and their quotes.

This understanding probably allows me to speak more openly and freely about my own process.

Yesterday evening I’v finally participated in Rebecca’s Virtual Tea party. It was 6:30PM my time. I was on lake Zurich. The sun was high in the sky, caressing my face and my back. I felt elated. I set on the edge of the dock at the Badi with my legs swinging freely over the water. The wind blowing through my Geisha style blouse I wore on top of my swim suit, that was still wet from the swim in the fresh water. Equipped with headphones and a low battery iPhone I set to meet in a call with women from the other side of the world, Canada and the US.

I met Rebecca not so long after my move to Switzerland. I saw a FB post of hers that said something like “Rebecca likes to connect with people. If you want to connect with her or you know someone who might, contact…”. And so I did. I don’t know why and how as it’s so uncharacteristic of me. She was so open, genuinely open and friendly.

Two years later, in this call between lake Zurich and Canada, I'm learning at the beginning of the call, that I was the one who inspired her to set up the Virtual Tea meetings. In the first call we had two years ago I spoke to her about the need for meaningful connections in our society, and of my own desire to create a women’s group for SoulPreneurs (It took me two years to get the courage to do so!). She was touched by things I’ve said and took notes.

We think we know things and that blocks us from actually learning and moving forward with our dreams. We keep on saying “I learn from everything!” ; “Life is my school” but how much are we really learning? Or is it another habitual cliché, a thing to say, like asking “Hey, how are you?” and not even expecting a heart-full answer?!.

We’ve learnt so much about technology, we’ve learnt so much about the use of technology and how to put our work and creations out there. But I wonder, and it’s a genuine wonder not a criticism, how much have we really learnt about connections?

Who or what is it that we connect with?. Today, I actually realised with my inner eyes, that having a zen mind—beginner’s mind, is not so easy as we make it sound to be.