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Women, Being Strong and Non-Linear Spirituality

I hate it when someone tells me “be strong” when things are tough. Yes, I know they have my best in their heart, it’s only …. only that it activates an old muscle of mine I’m working hard to relax……

When life puts you in a place of receiving rather than giving:

What does it do to you?

And then we hear everywhere all kinds of cliches:

First learn to love yourself then you'll know how to (really!) love another ;

You cannot (really!) give if you don't know how to receive.

Freedom of spirit frees us from the simplified conditionings of “first..., then…"

It is so scary for so many to be on the receiving end - even more so when life simply puts us in this situation and we don’t have much option. Thoughts on weakness arise.

Weakness is not the opposite of strength. On the other side to strength we find vulnerability and surrender.

I hear a lot from women mainly saying that "it's much easier for me to give than to receive.”

We grow strong in face of life's challenging situations. Because our parents didn't function or give us what we needed; because we grew up in war- or conflict-zone; because our children were at some risk or ill; because we had to defend our womanhood in a cynical dismissive masculine environment...

Often becoming 'a strong woman' is a healthy and necessary response to life's events.

The problem starts when this response becomes an inflexible habit, a default mechanism

In receiving lies the seed of giving. In giving lies the seed of receiving.

When you free your spirituality from linear thinking you become free to explore beautiful qualities like receiving, love, surrender and so much more!

What do you need to let go of so you can peacefully be a receiver without threatening your capacity to be a strong woman?

In this journey we shed, let go, not as a currency, but rather as an embodiment of wholeness.

What becomes possible when you open yourself to receive?

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