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The birth-place of change

Blessing-poem There's no such thing as negative and positive. These are only relative terms born to describe In simplification the polarities in nature (blame Aristotle if you will). Where one language is fit for one field It may not be so for another. So we're invited to listen more carefully To be sensitive maybe to observe what happens In the margins of our lives. It is in the margins that change happens. Change doesn't start in the centre. The centre is where we live The embraced transformation. The margins are the landscape of all Our complexities, of the unexplainable Beauty of what we call LIFE. As we're nearing the new year And the resolutions are firing up Negative and Positive reflections at us We receive an invitation To take a walk to bushes of the margins Of our lives. It's where Our experiences, our feelings Point us To something more united Than positive and negative. To something more transparent To something that gives rise To the birthplace of change forces That nourish our sweet desires and hopes.

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