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The writing is on the wall, and you've had enough

 of all the sticky negative self-talk.

There's more to life than feeling stuck or indecisive,

and you know it.

You want to make joy your default state,

and that thing they say,

your boss/mother in-law/partner,

that always makes you jump—

when they say it you want to know how to stay anchored in your calm.


So, you've read the right books, listened to the right podcasts, and it was informative and inspiring but you're not quite there.

You plugged in to all the meditation apps but found that it helps just a little bit before you get fidgety again or even fall asleep.


Perhaps you even took an MBSR course or dropped in to a few meditation classes

and still you don't understand how to make meditation work for you at moments when you feel lost.

Or perhaps it just wasn't enough, and you've heard mindfulness can take you deeper,

helping you feel more alive and become the conductor of your life


If this rings a bell, makes you tingle from inside with some aha, you’ll feel at home in this course.


This is a six-week course that includes:

6 live online classes

Recorded meditation for your home practice

Beautifully designed workbook with all the teachings and suggestions for weaving it In with daily life

Personal feedback and answers to your questions on class and via email


6 Thursday 18:30-20:00 CET

March 4th—April 8th

  • Refund Policy

    Full refund is available if cancellation email has been received 14 business days before the start date of the course.

    50% refund is available if cancellayion has been received 7 business days before the start date of the course.


    Otherwise refund is not avaiable unless there is a participant to take over your space.

    Refunds issued within 30 days of cancellation minus processing fees.



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