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Just Be You

Meditation classes

Do you wish you could just be yourself

But you're not sure how

Or what does it even mean ?


"We think that accomplishing things will complete us,

when it is experiencing life that will"

~Mark Nepo

We're always told 'just be yourself'.


When we go to a job interview, going for a date or a party with friends, thinking of a career change, facing life questions and needing to make decisions are few examples. But do you really know what it means to 'just be yourself'? And how do you face the challanges that it brings?

Do any of these experiences sound familiar to you?


You're afraid that if you'll show your true self people won't like it. At work it's out of the question

You've been trying to be who 'they' (parents/teachers... name it ) told you to be for such a long time, you don't even know who you are anymore

You're different, perhaps a sensitive soul, so you're concerned that in showing yourself you'll  get hurt

There's so much pressure around you, you get lost sometimes

You don't like all those negative thoughts and feelings you have but you don't know how to get rid of them


You wish you knew how to be autheetic and live without masks

Just being yourself can feel quite challanging, perhaps overwhelming and scary.


Maybe you've tried numerous personal development modalities to learn how to feel more comfortable with yourself such as therapy, coaching, reading books, and different workshops.

Each step you take on your journey brings you closer to what you're looking for. Yet, some of those modalities ask you to eaither learn a method and how to apply it, and you're not sure if it really brings you closer to yourself.


The most powerful home-coming we can experience is when we learn to love and accept the life within ourselves with kindness and genuine care for whatever we are facing.

Meditation is a powerful way to learn how to be fully and authentically yourself.

Just be you meditation classes focus on mindfulness teachings and techniques that make you feel at home with yourself.


Whether you're familiar with meditation or you are completely new to it these classes are designed to help you:

  • Open the heart

  • Relax your mind

  • Raise your confidence

  • Know how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings

  • Learn to trust yourself

  • Discover how to speak up your mind and heart more freely


When & Where

@ Lululemon

Marktgasse 12, 8001 Zürich

Every Teusday 9.15 - 10.15am

These are drop-in clasess. You can join whenever you want.

* Registration is required. Find the registration link below.

What to expect from the class

  • Each class focuses on a different theme

  • 60 minuets class includes - short talk on the weekly theme, guided meditation, Q&A

  • You do not need to have previous experience

  • Cushions are provided. You can bring a shawl and your own cushion if you wish

  • Please be on time

Class fees

Participation in class is based on pay from the heart.


Pay from the heart means that you can check in with your heart and set a fee that feels good in your heart.

Pay from the heart is an opportunity to support the meditation classes unconditionally, according to your capacity and what feels empowering to your heart.

Pay from the heart is actually a very old system. In the past it allowed a more joyful transaction between what you invest in for yourself and how you support the spiritual teacher.

I know this can be challenging or uncomfortable and bring up some inner questions. I also know it can be a very freeing experience and can bring some healing and joy to your relationship with money.


Payment for the class can be done on site in cash



I'm an extro-introvert, a rebel against labels, a feeling and expression enthusiast. I've been driven all my life by the hunger to understand what it means to be JUST ME.


In this personal quest I was a computer programmer, a professional dancer, a chef, a coffee shop owner and a business consultant for effective social change.

Over the past 20 years I sat in more than dozen of silent meditation retreats, getting intimate with the scariest inner demons and most precious beautiful places within myself.

My passion is showing people how to enjoy the benefits of meditation, making it accessible for anyone and use the teachings to empower and strengthen people's life.

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