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Healing from a Difficult Relationship with Your Mother

A relationship between mothers and daughters is complex and mostly (still) a taboo which makes healing the mother wound a tender matter.

Perhaps for you it's a scary Pandora's Box that feels intimidating to look into.


Or maybe it's a familiar theme that comes with the wish to go deeper to levels of healing that were not available before.

Women who've had a challenging dynamic with their mother don't always consider how deeply it can affect different aspects of their life and ask:

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"Is there a point in life where I'd feel completely at home with myself,

free to trust my voice and heart's wisdom

and go for what I want unapologetically?!"

I want you to know that whatever shape your mother wound takes and however long you have journeyed to find that sense of completeness with yourself, there is—even if it’s a bit difficult to believe right now—a stronger and more satisfying level of healing to become unlimited.

If you can’t change your story

after all the effort you’ve made

it’s probably time to read it

under a new light


Healing the mother wound is Not about "just forgive", pushing for acceptance or fixing what feels broken.

In creating a safe space where the whole of you is welcomed and appreciated, where nourishment for your inner wisdom is available, a wholeness that was hidden in you, waiting to be activated, is woven into your life.

Then the hunger to be mothered doesn’t lead you to fall back on choices and beliefs that limit your presence in life or in relationships.


You no longer look outside yourself for what you can find within

There's a Space where youBelong

We have a lot in common,

but our stories and needs are unique!

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Healing the Mother Wound

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Client's Love

I was stuck for a while in a meaningless and painful treadmill. Despite regular meditation practice and considerable self-growth work, I couldn’t find the door out. Shelly immediately realised what would be the golden key to unlocking my deeply ingrained, unhealthy belief system forced upon me by a narcissistic mother.

Despite my fear that once I let go of holding on to my old facade my life would crumble, she gave me the confidence to engage fully from the first session onward.

Shelly is a master at creating a loving space for inner exploration, nourishment, and insights that enable profound change.

I owe her a new life!

Zuzana Drozd, Switzerland

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