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“I opposed subjective to objective, imagination to realism. I thought that having gone so deeply into my own feelings and dramas I could never again reach objectivity and knowledge of others. But now I know that any experience carried out deeply to its ultimate leads you beyond yourself into a larger relation to the experience of others.”

Anaïs Nin

I work with people from all walks of life at the intersection of spirituality, professional life and social change. Only an extremely varied life could have led me to this multilayered junction. And indeed it has been. 

I wanted to be a dancer but - if you have the soul of an artist, as I guess you do - I was told "you can't pay for your groceries by being an artist". Back then I still believed that, so I pursued my passion as a hobby and allowed my analytical mind to pull me towards work as a computer programmer and a manager of large corporate bidding projects. 


Eventually, my passion for creative movement, coupled with many years of training in classical ballet, led me in my late twenties to embark on a short career as a modern dance performer. Still not sure how to reconcile my talents as an artist and a thinker, after a while I withdrew from the stage and for a few years danced while pursuing an academic research career and expressing my creativity as a chef and then as the owner of a catering business and boutique café in central Tel-Aviv. 


In a few years I gained knowledge and experience as both a business woman and a young researcher focussing on leadership and various ways of making this world a better place. But I did need to make a decision at some point and direct my energy in one direction. By that point I had some 10 years of experience exploring spiritual and esoteric practices, and I wanted to find a way to share with the world the fruits of my spiritual practice in the professional domain.

I reinvented myself once more and started my company 'Shelly Sharon - Research and evaluation strategies for social change'. I worked with government, for example with the treasury office, with big corporates such as Microsoft and many recognised charities and NGOs. My work helped hundreds of people to increase both their professional effectiveness and their dialogue with their inner world. In this capacity, I developed a mindfulness-based training program for teams in organisations and organisational consultancies for management which was the first of its kind in Israel.

In 2011, after a spiritual break-open, I felt that my Service was still not fully aligned with my soul. I left Israel to travel as a nomad for two years (btw that was the second round) and to meet new outer and inner landscapes. And now - here I am! Since 2011 I have been serving the call to bring spirituality, professional life and social change through my writings, public talks, personal guidance for individuals and professional consultancy for brave independent souls and companies. 


My service is infused with anything that I find meaning in, and I'm not shy of bringing out new language and different ways of doing business. I find great joy in bridging between worlds that may seem separate. 

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