"There are those who feel the magical wave of spirit wind which stirs the skin's sentries, as if delivering a lover’s message of etheric narrative". 


December 23, 2015


In a field full of green vegetation of all kinds and colours, a sound of movement and stirrings is heard. A young girl dressed in wild clothing moves step-by-step with full attention. She knows. She feels. Her every step speaks with earth. With each step she communica...

December 16, 2015

Dear souls and beloveds. The month of lights, where you celebrate with the light of candles and the light of rebirth, is a month where darkness overshadows the light in the northern hemisphere. And it is thus a wonderful time to speak to you about the merging of the Ma...

November 26, 2015

Five beings gathered around a round table. It is an unusual gathering in this dimension, as their role is different from those known to humans. You could even say that they don't have a role, but rather that they are the keepers of knowledge and the gate to creation....

October 20, 2015

At the centre of a hexagonal room sat a woman and a man. Dressed in a modest glory. Their splendour carries through their clothing with joy of heart and ease of being, a joy and an ease that plaid their clothing like gems. When a knock is heard at the door the man rise...

September 20, 2015

Rare moments of exposure in raising the curtains of 2016



She looks for light under an apple tree. A gentle beautiful soul, she has fair skin, her ears are delicate and shaped like butterfly wings. Her eyes are like almonds. She has a long tail. She closes her eyes and...

August 19, 2015



(*This channelling refers to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, whereas Crown (Keter) is the highest point (Sephira), and Kingdom (Malchut) is the lowest point in the diagram)


It was a night where the skies were seeded with stars. In those days, when the moon had be...

July 27, 2015


Call For Awakening To The Source


(Comment - this channelling refers to the Song of Solomon chapter b:13 "the fig tree ripens its figs". In the Hebrew original the literal translation would be 'the fig tree has mummified her premies'. The verb mummify is used in the sa...

April 17, 2015

In the cosmic torus garden rivers flow in all directions, water splits into colourful glittering drops, magnetised and attracted towards the space in a deep belonging passion. Floating as world-full details in the empty space of the garden. Birds fly and sing, their so...

February 5, 2015

For 40 years the people of Israel walked in the desert, so the tale goes. Immersed in penetrating silence, the lightening golden colours and the bursting strength, they walked towards and up to the promise. The people of Israel, as a symbol to all the children of Creat...

January 9, 2015

Far far away, deep in the thickness of the forest a commotion is arising. The earth stirs and moves as if dancing to hidden, subliminal sounds. The leaves lay on her after abandoning the tree, becuase now is the time and the timing, and they are floating with the earth...

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