What people say about me

"My life is marvellous. You helped push me along"

"Shelly is a rare teacher and guide that manages to reach a deeper part of one's soul, revealing simplicity and beauty in everyday life. She brings out the essential truths through language, questioning and exploration. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in her Facing the unknown in your work course she ran with me as part of Curious Courses and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in going deeper spiritually both in a personal and business career sense. A thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience." - Selina Man Karlsson, Curious Courses, Switzerland

"you are a R E A L  T e a c h e r who knows how to connect the strings & weave the threads which enables the learning souls to create their own beautiful embroidery"

"When you recommend something or someone there's an attempt to define what it is you are really recommending, what quality you're pointing to.... With Shelly there are so many things amongst the abundance of beautiful things that happen, like there is a voice inside of us that has a special sound, and then suddenly you realise it's actually your own voice - that kind of magic."

"Our sessions were extremely powerful for me.

I think your capacities are rare and wish for everyone to know how to receive what you have to give"


"Beloved Shelly!

There's no happier then me that I have met you and learned about "Soul's Colours" Webinar.

I had an amazing experience! Thanks to your wide deep knowledge, thanks to the close contact during the course, thanks to the memory-awakening knowledge, thanks to who you are, a being of light love and beauty you have awakened in me great inspiration.

Thanks to all that I have experienced such a blessed transformation, you have opened doors and windows to my heart, out of which a close tie was weaved between myself and my soul. Based on the trust that was created between me and myself endless beams of light were added like an ancient capsules of light that were opened gently out of love and devotion to my being and to creation.

You taught me, in your mere being, the comfort, the inner waves and the sailing between them, like a travel in the rivers of old China. 

I have finally rested my head on the heart pillow :)

Thank you!"

"Dear Shelly, I want to firstly thank you.

For being fully and totally present.


For being open, attentive, containing, compassionate and loving. 


You bring deep ancient wisdom that naturally exist in you,

supported by constant evolvement and learning.


You have one leg in the material and concrete world,

and another in the spirit world, the consciousness space and internal intuition.


You also have the unique ability to connect the two

with sensitivity, skilfulness and practical results.


You have the ability to connect the linear and circular and contain them both simultaneously

You have the unique ability to bring focus and discern clearly the marginal from the main point

to concentrate on the archimedes point from which everything start and evolve to 

all possible directions.


You have the ability to persist and press where it hurts

with love and compassion

without giving up even if pain arises.


With you I could inquire into the infinite space of consciousness and feelings

and still achieve concrete practical results”.

"What you are doing is blessed, and the bare fact that I can get some support from this kind of unexpected source gives me a lot"

”I have waited for you for a looooong time. You know how to put words to catch my unmanifested ideas”

"Dear Shelly,


Of all the sessions I attended at AEA, yours had the deepest immediate impact and is certainly the one that has lingered in my mind most vividly.  I just wanted to write to tell you how much I value what you shared with us, and how much I appreciate it your efforts in sharing with us.  Thank you. It felt like a particular gift and the end of a long professional week.


It was so powerful to feel the shifts you went on to talk about (rather than just try to get it on a purely mental level.)  The first exercise you had us do on perspectives stored such a vivid impression in me that it has simply lived in my mind ever since.  And the “No-Yes” exercise with the then softer “no’s” and then gentle guidance played out clearly for me as I responded yesterday and this morning to requests from my 9-year-old son for things that there was no way I was going to do or allow … it shifted our whole dynamic. I could almost see myself “surfing” with him and leaving us both happier as a result.


I find myself wanting to learn and think more about all of this. "

"I wanted to tell you that before the workshop I was very concerned,

since I am also a channeller though I stop,

so a general fear from channelling was formed....


Eventually I'm very happy I came.


I've learned a lot from the whole workshop.

Your receptivity and capacity to contain us all as a group was a kind of magic for me,

along side your powerful inner connection -


you showed me the way to where I want to go.


The activities were very flowing and

working on relationship with the flower of life pattern affected me deeply later on,

I could see it before going to sleep and the all-seeing eye,

the accepting and containing loving without judging the good and the bad.


The next day I was able to have a conversation with my husband and children on a family problem, and there was calmness and acceptance instead of the usual fear."

"You are a round women and full of so much goodness.


You are rich, your presence gave me clameness and

embraced me inspite of the online nature of the meeting.


I found in it great comfort, a lot of knowledge and interest.


Many days after the meeting I had the pleasent feeling that the meeting left inside me.


I am happy and thankful for the privilege to meet you".


"In perfect pollination you know me

as for you I was collection of pieces

waiting to be asembled.


Ans so in your unique way

you assemble and dissamble my whole

as you sit in front of me.


In guidance or in channel

all is so clear,

in clean channel

the story comes through.


The information comes in love,

feeling and compassion

given with no question marks.


Directly, with loving heart

your window open

to messages from spirit

you give her space.


You give space for any one

walking on the background

empowring hand in hand with your presence.


Infinite soul knowledge

brings my ' There Is' with me.


I'm happy fpr choosing you

It's not regular or given.


Thanks for all the giving that you are

and for being so gently in my life

believing in me".


"With you... because you bring the frequency of the heart, because you bring something so clean and free from unnecessary theatrical decorations, because there's an honest giving and receiving, because I can trust you and what you bring and because I love you"

"Thank you from my loving heart for teaching me to put the key in, turn it and open the 'magic door'. 


The magic door to the multi-dimensional Self that has waited for so long to be opened.


Thank you for helping me remember my authentic voice that was there but not present.


A huge thank you for releasing within me the spring of creation and inspiration and for helping me give myself the permission to be a self-dependent authority.”

"Shelly WOW… It’s such a joy you’re so abundant and clear…It’s really exciting.. You don’t know how touching it is that you exist and that you write in such a way as to both heart and mind, I don’t take it for granted at all :) It also gives me hope that sensitivity can gather into such exact words not just stay abstract and lifeless”

"I came to a point where parts of me are terrified to do any further exploration. It's a terrain where I have not found anyone so far whom I have trusted enough to allow all of what is laying underneath to come to the surface so it can eventually find healing.

With you I feel like I'm finally ready to discover that path and I know that you have the strength and the power to guide me through this, despite of what is showing up."

"Shelly has the extraordinary ability to connect the dots, while guiding you along towards the big picture. With her loving and playful approach, she accompanied and encouraged me on my big journey of meeting my authentic self, by gently facing my insecurities and becoming friends with them. This was a step by step process, in laying down the foundations of my inner circle of stability that transformed my life and every aspect of it, profoundly.


My relationships flourished naturally as my ability to see and speak up my own truth grew stronger and stronger. I became capable of discussing issues with my boss that I was never able to speak up before. My colleagues seek more and more my opinion also on topics outside of my competence area, as they are naturally drawn to the creative energy emanating from me. It is so liberating and empowering to be in this energy flow!"

"Shelly Sharon is an inspiring individual who openly and full-heartedly shares her knowledge and experience with others. Shelly is a fantastic and engaging public speaker. She took our audience on a journey of experiences delivering a talk “There is a creator in all of us” as a keynote speaker at our last WeWent Community event.


Shelly showed her interest and willingness to support us from the first moment we connected, was committed to deliver great quality, offered feedback and ideas. We highly recommend Shelly as she brings wisdom, inspiration and an authentic approach to her work. Thank you Shelly! We look forward to working with you in the future!" Aleksandra (Ola) Potrykus-Majewska, WeWent.com