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"As you work with being really faithful to the technique and being as precise as you can and simultaneously as kind as you can, the discovery of your ability to let go spontaneously arises"

Pema Chodron



Saturday 13:00-15:00

@Lululemon Zurich

How often did you initiate a change process and think to yourself “Nothing is changing!”? 


Wanting to be more assertive, wanting to start speaking the truth that’s in your heart, wanting to release emotional blocks, are some examples of changes we want to implement in our lives. But more often than not, we lose patience or faith in ourselves because we don’t see the results we yearn for fast enough.

In this experiential workshop you will learn how to appreciate the process of change and create the positive changes you’ve been longing to make in your life with the help of techniques and skills for breath, meditation and voice. 

Our voice is the vehicle to express our ideas, our truth, our feelings, and if it is not fully connected to your breath you nevere really get to say what you really ant to say. With the help of mindfulness meditation you will experience the power of your own breath and your own voice to ignite positive life changes.

You will learn

  • How to express your voice to connect on a deeper level with friends, family, people at work, or even with an audience. 

  • How to move past stuckness and elevate your happiness

  • The major obstacles to leading and sustaining change and how breath, meditation and voice can help you overcome them

  • How to deal with loneliness, fatigue and stress

  • How to gain clarity and understand yourself better

This workshop is co-led with Allison Mactavish who is ​a voice & life coach that helps people experience the sense of confidence, personal power and freedom that comes from speaking with intention and resonance


Saturday 13:30-15:30

@Lululemon, Marktgasse 12, 8001 Zurich

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