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Attention without feeling is only a report. An openness — an empathy — was necessary if the attention was to matter. 

Mary Oliver

Monthly meditation and exploration meetings



The wild heart is our portal to the Wild Self - That which knows immediately what's right and wrong for us, that which can take us to deep insight and fulfilment, that which can give us the guidance we all seek.

The wild heart is the poet, the creator and the magician, it is the doer and the being, it is original and unique, it is open to the winds and fragrances of life - It is who you are. EVERY ONE HAS A WILD HEART.

Wild Heart Session is a group meeting. An invitation to enter into a conversation with your wild heart through meditation, connection, gentle movement, healing sounds and meaningful interaction.

Next sessions dates:

May 31, 2017

19:00 PM

Beyond right and wrong

Jul 16, 2017

19:00 PM

Reflections on death, transformations and endings

Aug 13, 2023

19:00 PM

Qaulities of freindship - CANCELED!

Oct 01, 2017

19:00 PM

Living a creative life

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How much is it to participate?

Participation is on donation base.


Why I offer meetings on donation basis? - No it's not because it's designed for those who have less moeny!!

It is a genuine call and opportunity to fully engage in the act of giving and reciving.

To really consider how much there's a willing/wanting to give, to pay, for something

that is nourishing for the soul and heart, even though it doesn't have a price tag.

How much your mind is free from conventions and norms around money, prices, costs, paying etc....

Yes, I know, many find it confusing! They prefer to be told 'how much' and get it over with.

And others feel '"She's" probably not sure of herself if she doesn't charge" or "spiritual teachers don't know how to handle money" or..... I can go on forever and say out-loud any of these thoughts that cross your mind! But...

Can YOU get rid of these thoughts and see what's really in this for you?!.

We have limited spaces so please sign-up to let us know you're coming.

We'd love to have you with us.

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