The courage to follow positive acts

New Year Special


That when you try to figure out how to move forward

and bring about new steps

or creations into a reality,

you think about

what DIDN'T work

and then you try to

realise how to FIX it

and you get LOST

in feeling not ENOUGH

not HAVING enough

not DOING enough

and CHASE the next new promise

thing that'll show you

how to be BETTER.


Perhaps you tried the best methods you've learned

to bring about lasting changes

only to find yourself after a while

repeating the same (so annoying) patterns

and then getting disappointed with yourself

for not holding on to

what's important to you.

You've tried so many years

to create resolutions that you'll be able

to follow up with after the new year's high subsides

but in spite of your best efforts,

your promises, the new journal you bought,

the courses you signed up to,

the declarations to friends and what not,

it simply didn't stick.

Perhaps you're simply curious

how you can enrich your life and strengthen

the practices you already have and find

new pathways to move into the next step

that is calling you?!

Why do we find it so difficult

to find the energy, the courage or the right system

that will help us turn a serious corner in our lives?

As the end of the year approaches fast, I couldn’t hold back from the reflections that poured into my mind and heart. 

I have way more questions than answers at the moment, if am honest. One of them is : what works?!

As I held this question, I quickly realised that there is a tendency to frame it as: What ISN'T working?!

We’re hardwired to look for or pay attention to the negative more than the positive. Limbic brain-patterns, and all... 

There are so many available offers that tell you what is the right or succesful proven formula to make your dreams come true and achieve success in your personal or professional life.

Write a book - don’t write a book before you have the audience;

Be positive and repeat everyday affirmations;
Create a fabulous website - don’t waste time on a website;
Blog everyday - don’t create content;
Manage your time and find all the answers you need;
Stop spending time on doing - manifesting is the real deal;


The tempting offers are endless.
For sure, some of these have wonderful treats and tricks.



DID you feel they take YOU into account?
DID they help you go through a process that leads to full engagement

that leads to real embodiments,
rather than just engaging your intellectual understanding,
leaving behind your feelings, your energy, your spirit, your personal experience?!


The courage to follow positive acts

New Year Special

Instead of getting trapped in loops of what not to repeat,

what to be careful of,

how to fix what's wrong,

getting overwhelmed and feeling not enough,

and all mind-states that form around REPEATING STRESSORS


It takes courage to let go of looking into what didn't work and not launch a self-improvement project.

It take courage to decide to go your own way, to follow the things that are working for you without comparing your growth or results to other peopel's path.

With awareness and right guidance

we don’t have to be captive of these negative frames.

We CAN grow from finding out what DOES work

and in the process leave those negative filters behind for good.

We CAN grow from cutting down

the "sugars" that just inflame the state of mind

'I'm not enough'

and in the process strenghten our New Year's

resolutions and dreams by nourishing

positive acts.

When you take into account your personal experience, build on the seeds that has already given you a sense of feeling good with yourself, elevated, supported, fulfilled, and you know how to nourish those, you can only guarantee to multiple those positive acts

Are you curious about finding what actually did work for you on a deep level?

Does getting off the speed boat of judgment

and getting on a long distance train to beautiful landscapes

of positive and supportive guidance appeal to you?

Would you like to join me in finding out what works for you ?

“One isn't necessarily born with courage,

but one is born with potential. 

Without courage, we cannot practice

any other virtue with consistency. 

We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” 

~ Maya Angelou


 We want the courage to move towards what works.

Yet courage, unlike the common view,

is not something unique that just some people have

and others don’t.

Nor it is a heroic move to overcome fears.

Courage to show up, to follow your heart, to get through the day, to face what you instinctively want to run away from,

is the simple heart-wish to find the potential that’s inside you

and keep steady with nourishing it so it grows and grows and grows. 


December 16th - December 28th

  • You’ll get an email every other day with sharp, loving and deep instructions on how to find out what works for youAND how to strengthen what works so it keeps flourishing in 2020. 


Real stuff. No fancy resolutions. Just what works.


It’ll be rich with practical guidance as well as inspiration.


  • Journalling prompts to get the stories you’d like to make happen run through the veins of your hands.


  • Meditations to enhance the day’s instructions and help a shift of mindset.

So you’re not just engaged mentally but also emotionally, energetically and spiritually


You don’t need to know how to meditate and you don’t even have to be “into meditation”.

You’ll just listen and let yourself follow the vibe and words and let it unfold. I promise you magic.


First email will be sent on December 16th

The last on December 28nd


If you sign up until December 8th - you'll get a BONUS

of TWO EXTRA EMAILS in January

to help you with the implementation

after the New Year celebrations are over


a zoom call with me to bring up your questions

to get your path of a new year

clear, strong and positive


Early bird sign-up by Dec 8th:

9 emails packed with rich instructions for full embodiment

9 meditations 

One hour group video call with me


After Dec 8th:

7 emails packed with rich instructions for full embodiment

7 meditations


When you look at

what went wrong

You fix the problems

When you look at

what went right

you create miraculous

healing growth