Do you find yourself repeatedly visiting painful feelings, old wounds and a vulnerability you don't know what to do with -- when you just want to feel at home with yourself?

Hi! I'm Shelly

and I believe you don't need to 'become better',

change yourself so you could feel enough

or push yourself  to 'just move on already'

from a painful past...

You are enough

just the way you are

right now

But if that feels vulnerable

and if you cannot change

your feelings,

after all the efforts you've made,

perhaps it's time to drop the effort 

and turn to look at yourself

under a new light.

Your horizon beckons,

the way feels long.

What more must you 

give to the road —


to feel comfortable to shine through your gifts,

for your boundaries to feel like a natural

conversation between the ground you stand on

and the splashing waves of life,  

so you can rest on self-trust and breath deeply

when you say “I am enough” —


and know that your heart is

your home.



Let me help you find the courage 

or your inner trust and expression

to grow into

who you truly are

clearly, confidently and lovingly

Come back home to yourself

with 3 easy stepping stones

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"The meetings with Shelly gave space and legitimacy to everything that exists within me, to the most charged feelings and experiences within me, to the inner chaos and to the possibility to go way beyond the familiar boundaries of myselfHer presence allowed me to meet and grow myself into wholeness"

L.A. PsychotherapistSwitzerland

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