Your heart already Knows.

Your heart already knows its way back home

You’ve already been around the block with self-growth and healing practices.

And while the challenging feelings you face now may not be as distressful as they use to be, you can’t help but feel frustrated, disappointed or maybe even scared of what it means that you still find yourself in similar situations — or even that you're trying to avoid them at all costs.

When all your inner wisdom, experience and tools seem to lie hidden behind a veil, when you don’t fully embody what you sense is possible, you can feel vulnerable and ask yourself — "why is it that I can’t deal with this one by myself?"

Women like you know that whatever you allow yourself to fully feel gets to be healed.

You probably have a strong sense of heart-knowing around how you‘d like to show up in your relationships, your career, your dreams, or some new direction you’re embarking on. But if you're honest with yourself you’ll probably also say that the way to get there is not entirely clear. That what your heart knows needs to be fleshed out.


You wish to be met, seen and loved where you are now

Here’s what’s exciting. It's possible to experience and express your wholeness with both what you know deep in your bones and what your heart yearns to bring into the world. 

There can be a deepening and relief that's often revealed through:

Strengthening the capacity to say 'no' and setting boundaries without feeling squirmy in your belly

Attending to some sticky habits and belief patterns that might be milder than before but are still holding you back

Learning how to better express your needs and step with lightness into the situations where you are fully loved and seen for who you ARE without needing to make an effort to prove it

So if you can't change your feelings after all the efforts you've made

Perhaps it's time to drop the effort

and turn to look at yourself under a new light



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"The meetings with Shelly gave space and legitimacy to everything that exists within me, to the most charged feelings and experiences within me, to the inner chaos and to the possibility to go way beyond the familiar boundaries of myselfHer presence allowed me to meet and grow myself into wholeness"

L.A. PsychotherapistSwitzerland