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How a Wound Heals

At first, when you just start bleeding,

as the skin of your heart gets caught in the thorns,

you must act fast.

You must put a plaster, a bandage, a cast

to seal the leak.

Healing then happens inside,

where the nutrient resin is born,

where you cannot see

how the shards of life move towards each other fervently.

The tissues stretch over empty space

to bridge a chasm of pain and confusion.

Fragments find each other

in a tenable composition.

Then comes a moment

where the protection needs to be removed

and the wound exposed to the world.

Exposing it too soon and the bleeding might flow again.

Leaving it too long the wound will fester the brave new growth.

Corrosive habits and fear gnaw at the nascent existence.

You see, opening up to life

is not frivolous, an irresponsible whim of your soul

but a uniting kiss

between the vulnerable and the dream.



Shelly's helping women who live a connected & engaged life to heal wounds, deepen their self-trust so they can be a full & authentic expression of themselves.

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