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Choosing from Woundedness vs. Choosing out of Love & Freedom

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Arriving back after two years on the road in the East, we had literally no money. We had used it all on many enriching adventures, and so we decided to go to Italy to stay close to family.

We booked our journey back to the West—a flight from Delhi to Oslo with a couple of nights in Oslo, a flight from Oslo to Milan, a train from Milan to Bologna where Robert’s mum would pick us up for the remaining hour’s journeys back to her home in the Apennine mountains.

What we failed to take into account was the 10 euros we needed to catch the bus from the airport in Milan to the train station.

Dumbfounded, our bulging, worn, rucksacks still on our backs, we fished for coins in our pockets as the bus driver waited for us to come up with the sum needed for the ride.

“Oh, just go up,” he gestured to us, smiling mischievously at our lost faces.

What followed was a long year of trying to make a life in our new home in Italy.

When you’re in the wrong place for yourself, everything else is coloured by that choice.

Reflecting on the days when we barely had enough to pay the rent, and we used the last five euros in our pockets to buy ice cream, I ask myself: why is it so difficult to avoid what’s not good for you and save up for better choices in the future? Why does it seem so much easier to do so when you have more to spare?!

I didn’t really need the sugar, and definitely not the milk. Why was that ice cream so important??