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3 Unbeatable Benefits to one-on-one for Healing the Mother Wound

A quick reminder that the Summer Sale is over in two days so you can still enjoy it.

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And if you have any hesitations or questions about my work or the packages, get on the video call with me on Thursday, Aug 17th at 6PM CET

one-on-one for healing the mother wound

one-on-one for healing the mother wound

For many many years I’ve been focusing on group work. I’ve facilitated and taught in groups as small as 3 people to big as 60 people.

There’s a powerful vibration to a group.

The sense of belonging and interconnectedness is enhanced.

The resonance with others deepens a knowing that we’re not the only onedealing with our particular issues.

And it might go without saying that the spaces for talking about the mother wound and the personal experiences that come with it are scarce.

So why did I shift my focus to one-on-one work?

As many things in life, it happened unplanned.

First, I was on the road, backpacking with my husband in Asia. Learning about my backgrounders in Buddhist psychology, people started asking me for one-on-one support.

I got my first taste of what it’s like to have that special time with another person, totally dedicated to her needs.

Back from Asia, I ended up living in a remote place in the mountains in Italy.

I ventured into the visual space and discovered more of the magic that unfolds in meeting heart-to-heart for healing the wound from our first relationship in life.

Healing the mother wound is healing a relational wound

You’ve probably heard me say a few times, that my personal experience with the therapists that accompanied my mother left a very negative impression on me.


From social workers that neglected to see the neglect my sister and I experienced to a psychiatrist that messed up her medication, leading resulting in a breakdown and abandoning us, I grew so little regards to the healing professions that I never thought I’ll become “one of them”.

I thought that I’ll become a ballet dancer in New York. Or a ferocious environmental activist.

But the unfolding of life led me to witness over and again how critical it is to have an experience of a safe relationship that is nourishing and guiding.

There are three incomparable benefits to one-on-one work:

1. It’s a matter of trust. When your mother is the person in your life that didn't provide you with the protection, guidance or nourishment you needed, it was experienced as a personal failure.

On an emotional and neurological level, we’re wired to keep on trying to fulfil our needs. When we fail we take it on ourselves.

It’s a fundamental survival mechanisms that concludes “if I can’t get what I need I probably don’t deserve it.

In the intimacy of 1:1, a close relationship with someone whose purpose is to be a safe space for us, we rebuild the broken trust and rewrite that sense of failure.

2. Tailored inquiry of self-belief. It's important to tailor somatic and embodied experiences in order to discover the deep-seated self-beliefs that shaped the way you meet yourself, approach tasks and perceive the world.

Einstein is famously quoted for posing the question “Is the world a safe place?”. The question remains—it depends. Depends on our belief system.

Beliefs shaped in an earlier relationship in life will also require a unique set of skills and knowledge that entail non-verbal experiencing and repetition.

It’s how we discover affirming, empowering beliefs that become part of our system.

3. Fulfilling missing experiences. Missing experiences are repetitive moments or events where we were neglected or denied an affirming experience about our nature.

The medicine of experiencing today something that we haven’t had the chance in childhood is the magnificence of our true nature—we’re able to change the way we feel, no matter our past.

The magic of seeing women disentangle from a mother wound pain they’ve been carrying for years, sometimes believing it wasn’t possible to reach deeper levels of relief than what they’ve managed to achieve is incomparable.

one-on-one for healing the mother wound




For a limited time and a few slots, I’m offering a substantial discount on my one-on-one for healing the mother wound sessions:

  • 35% OFF my “starter package” which includes 3 sessions—at 520CHF, instead of 800!

  • 40% OFF my “butterfly package” which includes 10 sessions—at 1500CHF, instead of 2500CHF!!!

Here's why:

  • Sometimes, these offers make it possible for us to get on the 1:1 support we need

  • Summer is a quieter time and this offer can both help me financially at a quieter time of the year and keep on helping women in the ways I'm most passionate about

  • I’m interested to see how price-sensitive the 1:1 sessions are

  • I’m always interested in ways in which I can give and this is another of the many offerings I have which are mostly free or based on pay-from-the-heart


  • First come, first served5 starter packages left (at only 520CHF) 1 butterfly packages left (at only 1500CHF)

  • Booking—until August 17th (included)

  • Scheduling—must start during the summer, somewhere between your booking and September 2nd. You don’t have to complete your package in that time but I do ask that we start during the summer

  • Payment—possible in one payment or more. 2 non-punitive payments for the starter packages (260x2) and up to 3 payments for the butterfly package (750x2 / 500X3). If you’re able to pay in one payment it’ll be very much appreciated and will allow me to keep on offering 1:1 sessions on donation to women who can’t afford to pay for my work

  • Bonus—when paying in full you’ll gain access to my exclusive resource page that includes many recorded meditations and nourishments to support your process

  • More bonuses—when paying in full for the butterfly package you’ll receive a book which we’ll choose together to support your growth process

  • Included—as in all my packages a PDF summary of the session with mp3 recordings and access to me between sessions via email or WhatsApp


Please don’t just click to purchase and download because it’ll count in the total number of the limited slots.

  • Simply click on either of the images below.

  • You’ll be led to my online shop.

  • The price is set on 0 CHF because I can only offer these affordable offers if I can avoid paying horrendous fees to PayPay (which I consider an unethical company).

  • Once you’ve completed a purchase you’ll receive a PDF file with all the details to complete your package with payment options within Switzerland or internationally and everything else you need to know.

one-on-one for healing the mother wound

one-on-one for healing the mother wound

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